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Teeth found near Tel Aviv point to a new prehistoric human species
Dudi Goldman
Published: 20.06.15, 20:35
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1. Indeed:we are the Origins, we are the Future,Bible is right
and God of the Old Testament exists and is very real! Now, excuse me while I jump off the Allenby bridge... On a serious note: can you imagine if it was revealed beyond any scientific doubt, that Man came from... Petah Tiqva?! The'd never forgive us (the Goyim, that is)!!!
2. No surprises
Janet ,   Jerusalem   (06.21.15)
on any count: earlier prehistoric man, Israel, vegetarianism.
3. one piece of evidence missing
Mark B. ,   Amsterdam / Holland   (06.23.15)
400.000 year old pre-historic fossilised falafel balls. Then I'll buy it: origins of man in Israel.
4. interesting...
mark ,   usa   (06.24.15)
Kinda of makes sense. We know neanderthal populated its genome in europe and we have this theory of out of africa... hmm could these first interactions have lead to offspring that was breed into family groups of the out of africa dna pool that had settled in a levent to north iraq arch, while north towards the causasus this offspring was breed into family groups that selectly breed caucasian traits results... over several thousand years maybe this dna group as a whole became us, modern humans. generally speaking, the out of africa genome advantage was its genetic propensity to take in this offspring pool of dna and produce offspring that would quickly assert itself as having the desired genetic traits that advanced culture.
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