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Regev: Israeli artists are ungrateful, hypocritical
Ran Boker
Published: 19.06.15, 10:28
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1. African media censor for an African country
Itay ,   Kiryat Ono   (06.19.15)
2. Miri Regev, Go, and let us have done with you !!
Dr. Joe Wyse ,   Hadera   (06.19.15)
Miri Regev, Go , and let us have done with you, you have brought enough shame onto the house of Israel. The same odious Miri Regev, who called the Sudanese refugees in Israel "a cancer in our body" is now the Gaulieter of Israeli anti- culture and blood sports . It is an honour and a privilege to be counted among her opponents. Kol Hakavod Gavri Banai , Shalom Hanoch, Oded Kotler and the free artists of Israel. I hope that the great artists that we have in this country will not be bullied into silence by her and her gang of ignorant and despicable ruffians.
3. As a citizen and art lover, I have the utmost faith in
miriam ,   israel   (06.19.15)
Culture & Sports Minister, Miri Regev's decisions. I, and many like me, back up her decision of non- support for the film on the murderer Amir. We can rely on her to fairly assess our cultural scene and support those who are in need of funds. I like her attitude and belief in what she does.
4. They're no more "ungrateful" than everywhere else. These
self proclaimed keepers of culture are convinced, that "art" is a holy cow beyond any influence from mere mortals. Attach to that the obligatory Leftist (hence: "progressive") leaning and you get...Garbuzons galore!
5. To make a long story short...
TC   (06.19.15)
She clearly and unequivocally said that she wasn't / isn't interested in her job. Have you ever heard of someone openly saying that he's not interested by his job and that it wasn't the job he was looking for? Most of all: Have you ever heard about someone not being fired after such a thing???
6. Start thanking tax payers first !
Avi L.   (06.19.15)
She has a work thanks to artists, not the other way around. Without culture there's no culture minister. If she likes to play the queen revered and thanked for doing her job it plain means she has A LOT of personal problems. She should be aware she is a public SERVANT, not a queen. Her job isn't there to be a personal gratification, playing the powerful to which people have to bow in order to get their due. This attitude is more in line with some feudal arab country, not with a democracy. She is dealing with citizens not subjects. Does she thank tax payers for receiving her rich salary and perks? She should start to!
7. #3 Nice piece of Public Relations LOL
Avi L.   (06.19.15)
8. So, essentially a European versus a Middle Eastern attitude
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.19.15)
She is Middle Eastern. The artists want her to be European. Welcome to Israel.
9. What great art has Israel produced?
Sidney ,   California   (06.19.15)
We know that Israel has produced great science, technology, and medical advances. Where are the similar achievements in the arts? Who are the great artists, not all those mediocre ones, raising this outcry.
10. MK Regev
Janet Weiner ,   Jerusalem   (06.19.15)
I think it is also you MK Regev who is ungrateful.
11. Miri
Michael ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.15)
I actually disagree with most of what Miri says and don't like her political direction at all. But I must admit, she is a really good looking lady with a very attractive face. When I see her I don't really listen at all, just watch her in awe.
12. For some inexplicable reason artist, as opposed to "mere"
politicians are regarded as the true "revolutionaries" when it comes to matters of culture. They strongly believe this BS themselves and anoint each other as Sultans of Progress as long as it irks the "System". One would think that we've outgrown this 60's pop-culture-phenomenon. Looks like: not!
13. we love her
lucifer69   (06.19.15)
Miri Regev. A breath of fresh air
14. Miri You have the right moral compass...
... Remember a lot of entretainers are the erev rav we are warned about since 3,000 years ago. It should not bother you their unfratefulness we should just focus in doing mitsvot
15. Democratic state or Regime???
Deena   (06.19.15)
Many israelies and many israeli politicians happily claim that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Being said that, it would mean that if someone does a play/piece of art, song, poet, that doesn't pleasure the government this person is in her full right to express it. Or shall all the songs, plays, etc, being Zionist in order to get fund?? For G-d sake, this is a democratic country and culture is one of the ways to reflect how democratic we are, but it seems that we are on our way to become a Regime.
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