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French FM heads to Israel in hopes of restarting peace talks
Published: 19.06.15, 20:57
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1. Fabius is dead wrong
CJK   (06.20.15)
the arab palestinian issue has nothing to do with the shia terror regime, its pursuit of nuclear weapons or its threat to annihilate the jewish state, a threat which this regime has declared "non-negotiable." the goal of the islamic state is to overthrow islamic regimes throughout the region and undo the borders agreed upon by the french and british colonial powers and thereby create a caliphate. the rise of extreme jihadist acts in afghanistan, pakistan, iraq, syria, lybia, sudan, nigeria, egypt is totally independent of the arab palestinian issue. any attempt to impose a solution on the jewish state by international actors, will only aggrevate the situation and lead to extremely bloody wars in which israel might be obliged to exercise its self defence by the use of all means at her disposal. it is certain that the jewish state will will not allow a repetition of the situation of wwii and the horrific genocide of europe's jewish population, including 1.5 million children.
2. How do these foreign dignitaries push themselves into Israel
in order to "push" for peace? It's not like "peace" is a stuck bus needing strong hands to push. They can "push" all they please from behind their comfy French/British/German/Danish desks. Hell: they can even do it lying in their beds!
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