Opinion  Eitan Haber
With each headline, Miri Regev grows stronger
Eitan Haber
Published: 21.06.15, 13:35
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1. Missed the odvious
Gil Leonard ,   Tiberias   (06.21.15)
Eitan Haber doesn't seem to get it. The majority of Israelis voted for a right conservative government of which Miri Regev is a part and the ministry she has responsibility deals with Israeli's of Left to extreme left persuasion. So odviously there will be friction, and the Left would do well to remember that freedom of speech does not guarantee ones right to slander and to practice anti-Semitism.
2. For an moment I thought that imbecile Haber refers to Livni
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.21.15)
90% of the noise is created but the insane Left's reaction to Regev and only 10% by her.
3. Haber's back in his "not getting it"-mode:-))
4. Thats the way to do it ! No nonsense
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.21.15)
just get on with it. A tough government is long, long overdue. Nest- send Fabius back home with nothing
5. Regev
Sevi ,   Canada   (06.21.15)
The media concentrates on reporting on Miri Regev and then you write an article about how she gets too much coverage compared to others. This is absurd. You even admit it in your P.S. This is how you fill up valuable media space?
6. no guts
jeerold   (06.21.15)
israeli leaders save a few should show more guts just like oren,a cautious historian usually in the liberal camp of oslo fans. Erdn, shalom and haber in the core are gutless for trying to water downn oren's critique of obama. Obama is a palestinian moslem regardless of his denials. Like erdogan with his management degree from marmora, he is unable to see reality. HE IS Fiercely antiisrael, and is trying to destroy israel in stages.All of the mystery surrounding obama is laid to rest by oren who has done israel and the US a huge favour. Herog livni and lapid who showered obama with dependency are now exposted as gutess ignoramuses especially heerzog is an absolute wimp.
7. Miri is succesful because she pursues the truth
Estela ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.22.15)
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