Thousands protest Galilee church 'arson'
Ahiya Raved
Published: 21.06.15, 18:17
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1. Heather your information is inaccurate...
Israeli-Christian ,   Israel   (06.21.15)
There was never a synagogue on the Tabgha site. There was a Byzantine church there in the 4th century common era. It has been considered a Christian site since then. The synagogue is/was at Capernaum, which is also in the Galilee but at a different location. Clearly your fellow Jews already showed up...they were there a few nights ago and burnt down the church. N.B. this is an indictment against the Price Tag perpetuating Israeli-Jews who are a small but dangerous part of Israeli society. I have no quarrel with other Israeli-Jews as I have found them to be excellent fellow citizens.
2. Christians are our friends and allies
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (06.21.15)
It would not surprise if this was done by Arabs, who write Hebrew, wanting to damage the relation between Jews and Christians -- part of thir "truthful" BDS campaign
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