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Pope: 'Powers' did nil when Jews were taken to Auschwitz
Associated Press
Published: 21.06.15, 22:49
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1. Popes´accusation against world powers?
Bernardo Kucinski ,   Brazil   (06.22.15)
What about the support of the Catholic Hierachy to to the atrocities of the military dictatorship in Argentina, while he himself was there?
2. Curious..
Daniela   (06.22.15)
That Francis did not mention that the Church did not do anything neither. Something we might have expected from a church that have advertise itself as a religion of love. Easy to trow resposability of the world powers. What about the religious power that have also killed millions in the name of their gods throughout history?
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.22.15)
When was the last time you prosecuted your child molesters? Acting like he gives a crap what happens to Jews. Just collect the millions in Vatican and be happy, your holiness!
4. How about the Vatican, did they help anyone
Jorge   (06.22.15)
The Vatican kept silent knowing all the time of the slaughter of Jews, Pius XII, was a Nazi Fascist that covered for Hitler, and when the Germans lost the war, helped the murderers escape to South America
5. Our troops got to the camps as they could
Cameron ,   USA   (06.22.15)
Remember, we & the Russians were locked in a fight to the death with the armies of the Third Reich.
6. The Pope says
A chu ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.22.15)
Left hand points to the right,, the right hand points to the left.. as the vatican feigns innocence.. yes.. every other country did not help the Jews. but the vatican certainly did.. by taking Jewish children into the convents and churches and refusing to give them back. by blessing father tiso of nazi head of slovakia who paid the nazis to take his jews away. and of course.. helping the nazi escape on the underground railroad to south america after the war.. please . mr.. pope.. save it.. i am nauseous..
7. Thats rich coming from a guy who not too long ago
Al   (06.22.15)
praised Abbas a professional holocaust denier and funder of the Munich Olympic massacre. The Pope is full of it. I am not impressed.
8. Trying to clean oneself by blaming
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.22.15)
9. Since there's o "world conscience" there is only interest of
each and every country at given time in history. In order to produce a "World", acting in some resemblance of unison I can only imagine extraterrestrial invasion, that wants to take over our planet. Maybe only then Jews would matter....(as well as homosexuals and red-haired people)
10. You don't help either by calling
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.22.15)
Abbas an "Angel of peace" or something disgusting like that.
11. Pope Francis : nevermind history - what about today ?
barbara ,   Haifa   (06.22.15)
Why the powers are not bombing all the ISIS to death ? Maybe it is not an easy task to take on, but am sure that the powers have ammo that is better than ISIS could have (and we better hope that ISIS doesn't get its hands on anything better)!
12. Pope not immune to ignorance ,...
split   (06.22.15)
Nobody ever told him that the targets were beyond the range of their airplanes and it was a one way trip? How was suppose the crew get back home after the bombing, get to the nearest highway and hitchhike or get to the nearest river and swim for it ?
13. Culture Minister Miri Regev should propose...
Adler J   (06.22.15)
a parliamentary debate to vote against flying the Vatican flag in Jerusalem. thank you
14. very good talkbacks! cheers
Adler   (06.22.15)
15. Vatican Enigma.
BUTSeriously ,   Australia   (06.23.15)
A Roman Pope calling Muslims as Palestinians is astonishing.
16. Pinheads @ 2,3,4 ,...
split   (06.23.15)
What the hell would you do being in their shoes, declare WWIII on Third Reich? ,... What have the American Jews done to save European Jews or what did the Zionist brass in Palestine do to save 600.000 Hungarian Jews? ,... What makes you think you're so important that the Allies should have dropped everything in burning Europe and concentrate on saving Jews while your leaders and yourself haven't done nothing ,... What did the 4000 Jews in Anders' Army do to save their fellow Jews? They deserted in Palestine on the way to join Allied forces in N. Africa, among them one of your heroes and future prime minister M. Begin ,...
17. Past times are over.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (06.23.15)
Don't blame Pope Francis, nor my church, brothers and sisters. Shameful deeds and omissions against Jewish people had in fact occurred during several centuries. But it has been erased since II Vatican's Council, whose documents you should know. Don't forget Catholic priests and laic who helped Jews to escape from Nazi SS in occupied Europe. Don't forget John Paul II who humbly apologized, in Israel, 15 years ago. Francis wants peace in Middle East, and on the scope, he said Abbas COULD BE (not IS) an angel. We have to march together.
18. No reasonable excuse
David ,   Sf-USA   (06.23.15)
The allies "owned" the skies over Germany towards the end of the War yet refused to bomb the railways to the death camps. It isn't a question of why they didn't bomb them but who ordered them not to be bombed. That person(s) was most likely American or English. We need to know their name(s).
19. To split, #16, The Allies assisted the Poles in 1944
Jake   (06.24.15)
by dropping supplies on the Polish uprisers in 1944 Warsaw; and I am talking about the Gentiles, not the Jews, because as we all know, during the same period, the Allies did not lift a finger to help the Jews who were being murdered in Poland at the same time in the same place.
20. # 18 David.
Albrecht ,   EU   (06.24.15)
Auschwitz lies in Poland, not in Germany. The railways were a very hart target for the bombers at this time and the Germans were used to repair the railways very quickly. They did in on the daily basis due to the permanent attacks of the Polish underground.
21. Pope: 'Powers' did nil when Jews were taken to Auschwitz
David Milstein ,   Brisbane Australia   (06.25.15)
He is correct, but, its a case of the Teapope calling the kettle black
22. Albrecht, #20, sorry but this has been disproven by facts
Jake   (06.25.15)
Read my post #19. The Allies dropped supplies from the air to assist the Poles (Gentiles) during the 1944 Uprising against Nazi Germany. The reconaissance photos by the US air force from this time show that they had photographic evidence of Auschwitz, so why weren't the death camps (the gas chambers and crematoria) bombed? It is a proven FACT that by 1944 the Allies both knew what was going on in those camps, and had the power to knock out the infrastructure of mass murder going on in those camps...not talking just about the raliway tracks. But they chose to do nothing.
23. Moreover, Albrecht #20
Jake   (06.25.15)
Why do you only mention Asuchwitz, and not the other death camps that were in operation in 1944, including in Germany itself? By April 1944, the Allies had both the evidence, the reconnaissnce, and the power to bomb the Auschwitz death camp itself, and the railway lines, buit a conscious decision was made not to do so.
24. split, go read the paper published by Jan Karski
Jake   (06.25.15)
about the silence of the world during the Holocaust. That was a righteous Pole...and a diametric opposite of yourself.
25. is a very interesting jewish debate...
Adler J   (06.25.15)
even though ynet is skipping some comments. i wonder why
26. #20
Adler J   (06.25.15)
maybe it was irrelevant to bomb the railways considering that germans build tunnels underground that were connected to bunkers that were keeped by Germany after WWii in case of nuclear war attack
27. 17 Haddad Luis...
Adler J   (06.24.15)
in fact, thousands of argentinians march against the argentinian government when Prosecutor Alberto Nisman was killed for investigating the Amia bombings/1994. Argentinians deserved better leaders..
28. #1 you are right!
Adler J   (06.24.15)
The military argentinian regime kidnapped, tortured and murdered innocent people. The Vatican didnt said a word, you know why? because those argentinians many of them oppositors to the government were comunists! Then the argentinian government created amnesty laws to avoid the prosecution of leaders who were suspected of abusing human rights!
29. By the way pinhead @ 22 ,...
split   (06.25.15)
The range of the reconnaissance airplane was much longer than loaded bomber ,...
30. split #29, riiight, I'm the pinhead
Jake   (06.26.15)
The Allied airlifts, which dropped supplies on the Polish Home Army in Warsaw in 1944 were operating from the Celone and Brindisi airfields in Italy, NOT from Britain. Auschwitz, which is in Krakow in southern Poland, is actually significantly CLOSER than Warsaw to those airfields. But more damning is the fact that the Allied Air Forces DID bomb nearby targets to Auschwitz with B-17 heavy bombers. On the one of these bombing runs, the B-17s flew above or close to three railway lines leading to Auschwitz. On another mission, shortly after the U.S. War Department refused requests from Jewish leaders to bomb the railway lines leading to the camps, a force of 452 Fifteenth Air Force bombers flew along and across the five deportation railway lines on their way to bomb Blechhammer oil refineries nearby. Buna-Werke, the I.G. Farben industrial complex located adjacent to the Monowitz forced labor camp (Auschwitz III) located 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from the Auschwitz I camp was bombed four times, starting at 20 August 1944 until 26 December 1944. On December 26, 1944, the U.S. 455th Bomb Group bombed Monowitz and targets near Birkenau (Auschwitz II); an SS military hospital was hit and five SS personnel were killed. But neither the extermination camp (Birkenau / Auschwitz II) nor the railway lines leading to Auschwitz were touched in these air raids.
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