Riots, rocks and terror mark Ramadan escalation
Roi Yanovsky, Yoav Zitun, Hassan Shalaan, Elior Levy
Published: 22.06.15, 11:43
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1. Hrold Neale -re yr FBk remark, UNDERSTAND THIS - there is
miriam   (06.22.15)
NO occupation but an annexation of areas which we won in the battle of the 6 Day War in 1967. Get that through your thick head !
2. shoot to kill and close the mosques
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (06.22.15)
3. FB Harold Neale: " Netanyahu has to listen to the French FM.
A ,   Belgium   (06.22.15)
And no one has to listen to you, bumpkin. Go sit in the corner and play with your Barbie dolls, maybe they'll listen to you..
4. PA Dance of Death - One step foreward two steps back
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (06.22.15)
The moment there seem to be signs of calm in the West Bank and possible renewed interest in inward investment by Palestinian Investors into the West Bank--calm is shattered and investors pull out But worse is that there is NO ONE either intelligent or authoritative enough to state that such mindless violence does not serve our cause ONE JOT We could get much much much much more by persistent and serious Negotiation ...more any Molotovs could
5. Is this news? Only that Ynet would admit who Arabs are even
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.22.15)
on their so-called Holidays is news.
6. Terror mark Ramadan
joe ,   uk   (06.22.15)
what other religions do and have violence and riots in their festivals and they and some world leaders say their religion is peaceful
7. on the one hand it's Israeli occupation! on the other hand,
just saying ,   Israel   (06.22.15)
...people what is wrong with you? It is not the fault of the Jews that you can't eat or drink during daylight hours and that you are more or less a captive audience in your mosques listening to the inflammatory rhetoric of some of your Qadis, Imams and guest lecturers. All y'all need to lighten something drink something and stop being so belligerent. but to be sure back to the first hand...if we weren't sitting occupying these people, they wouldn't be killing us.
8. The PALS 3Rs-Rioting ,Rocks and Ramadan
Alan ,   SA   (06.23.15)
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