Abbas: No place for Hamas in new government
Published: 22.06.15, 20:37
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1. Even his "I Got the Music in Me" dance won't hide the fact
A ,   Belgium   (06.23.15)
that chief terrorist Abbas is nothing more than a cheap terrorist.
2. Fabius kiss my tuchas
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.23.15)
we know that ISIS wants any and all entry into Israel. What better way than via the pals? Who better to assist the pals than obama, the Arabs and the pals? Who better to fight them than Israel? G-D LOVES ISRAELI BUILDING !!!
3. A cheap terrorist
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.23.15)
and a multi millionaire whose made it on engineering the deaths of 11 Israeli athletes in Munich and getting away with it..... MORE BUILDING !!!
4. A cheap terrorist
Lidia ,   Israel   (06.23.15)
who has had the ability to make everybody a fool of themselves ! The 'incredible partner" who has been funding each terrorist's criminal actions for years!! He feels proud of his "heroes" and dreams of obliterating Israel.
5. # 4 He'll die and nothing will have changed but
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.23.15)
his swiss bank #'s drained of $$ obtained under false pretenses, there is NO palestine. BUT... ISRAEL'S BUILDING BABY !!!
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