Nine Druze arrested over attacks on wounded Syrian rebels
Ahiya Raved
Published: 24.06.15, 13:07
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1. so y no arrests in the Taghba Church Arson?
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (06.24.15)
clearly the Israeli Police know how to quickly investigate and capture criminals...these arrests are a fine example of that. So why it it that in the 43 "Price Tag" (Tag Mahir) arson attacks on Churches and Mosques NOT A SINGLE ARREST HAS BEEN MADE? Is it all about priorities? Or is there something else afoot here?
2. Israel is in the impossible situation
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.24.15)
of becoming embroiled with Arab loyalties and violence from the same people Israel's trying to help. Time to take a cold hard look and reexamine the Arabs viability of living as free men in free Israel. They bring their 7th century tribal savagery with them and are not compatible with Jewish values or generosity. Jews in Israel Arabs in Arabia. KEEP BUILDING !!
3. Wow, fast ,...
split   (06.24.15)
What about those church, mosque and car arsonists and vandals are they ever going to be caught and face the justice ? ,...
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