New NIS 200 bill featuring poet Nathan Alterman to debut in early 2016
Gad Lior
Published: 24.06.15, 13:51
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1. Ashkenazi again ???
Yaniv ,   uk   (06.24.15)
Once again the goverment of Israel has chosen an Ashkenazi to be featured on the bank note and not a Mizrahi.
2. looks like he was singing the blues
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (06.24.15)
ho ho
3. When will Israel have the courage to feature
real Jews on the bills instead of Jewish Goyim?
4. #3 real Jews?
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (06.25.15)
maybe Alterman was not a Satmar Chosid who hides out in USA and criticizes Israel. Alterman was from the brave few that came to Israel with a vision, endured hardships, and built the small state in which so many religious and charadi people live with pride and speak ivrit. Maybe to you a real Jew is one who hides in chutz l'aretz and parades in black clothing with signs against us not-real Jews trying to raise our families in Israel?
5. Jake #4
A Jerusalemite ,   Jersalem, Israel   (06.28.15)
Thank you for saying it. I was planning to, but then didn't need to anymore.
6. 4&5 What matters is not who is..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.28.15)
a real Jew but who's grand-children will still be real Jews. And yes,why not have a timeless Jew with a Kipa on Israel money After all time is money.
7. lets have landscapes not people
zionist forever   (06.29.15)
The bills should be landscapes, there are not going to be any discussion on was it right to use a certain individual because of their politics or controversial things they have done in their lives. There are many beautiful parts of the country which would look great on banknotes and would be above criticism.
8. 3
zionist forever   (06.29.15)
We should have landscapes, they look alot nicer than people and nobody can criticise who they are or what were their political or religious views on things. Havn't had landscapes since the 50s so would be nice to return to something that represents the country itself instead if individuals.
9. 2
zionist forever   (06.29.15)
He sadly looks like that far left misery guts who hates Israel Gideon Levy
10. to all, remember the first bills?
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (06.30.15)
If you remember the first bills, like I do, you will remember that the state did not honor individuals, but it honored the workers who built the land up, not politicians nor singers or ...
11. 10 Jake,who are the todays builders
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.30.15)
of Israel?
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