Deputy interior minister to Arab MK: Israel is doing you a favor by giving you citizenship
Moran Azulay
Published: 24.06.15, 15:29
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1. What a racists country.
James   (06.24.15)
Many dictators hold elections, that doesn't make a democracy. When all is said and done religion matters in israel.
2. FB Niall Conneely: Correction
A ,   Belgium   (06.24.15)
The arabs occupying Judea and Samaria are mostly (appx. 85%) Jordanian citizens and therefore have no right to vote (or live) in Israel. If they want to exercise their voting rights, they can go home to Jordan and vote for their self proclaimed "king".
3. The Knesset
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.24.15)
The Knesset conducts itself more like a cowshed than a legislature. It is full of "beheymot", both Arab and Jewish.
4. no matter how much advertising, livni is mud
jerold   (06.24.15)
no amount of packaging or tirades against bibi takes away from the fact that livni is another olmert except in criminality;she is stupid beyond belief and her appeasement makes chamberlain look like a war hero. One of her mates, micheal oren just exposed obama as a palestinian moslem-it is beyond dispute. And livni told us to depend on obama. What a moron. i feel sorry for you naphtali.
5. Israel should take away the favor, in many cases
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.24.15)
I congratulate the M.K. for telling the truth. It is a refreshing change to hear such self respecting honesty in the Knesset. This is the best government Israel has had for a long time. Israel is doing Arabs a favor by granting them citizenship. Israel should take away the favor in many cases. Citizenship should be conditional on high standards of proven loyalty.
Michel ,   Ashkelon   (06.24.15)
7. Hey we're doing you a favor ,...
split ,   US   (06.24.15)
Can anyone imagine secretary Kerry or anyone of his deputies saying this to Sen Schumer, Rep. Feinstein or any lawmaker representing minority? It can't get any lower than that ,... And look at Bibi instead tell this idiot to shut up and apologize he starts his usual finger pointing BS that there're examples and places worst than Israel so how dare you ... criticize them don't criticize us ,... Bibi maybe there're worst places than Israel but at least they don't pretend or claim to be democracy, you hypocrite.
8. #2 - Jordanian Citizenship was Revoked
Chaim T. ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.24.15)
Jordan revoked the citizenship of all palestinian arabs living in Judea/Samaria back in the 1980s.
9. Israel is the most democratic country for muslims in the..
Beary White ,   Norway   (06.24.15) In any other Islamic-cult-country they have no similar freedom... And with sharia-law, - people are doomed to get handicap'ed...poor idiots..
10. religion matters
Vic ,   New York, NY   (06.24.15)
of course it does you idiot; Israel was established as the one and only Jewish state, remember? it's founding fathers had all kinds of idealistic fantasies, "a light unto the nations," equality, etc; Reality on the ground, constant pressure from those seeking its destruction, have put a strain on these fantasies; all things considered, they're doing a damn good job
11. No Arabs should be elected to Knesset
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.24.15)
they should try being elected in Gaza. Let's see how that goes over. ( like a lead balloon,.) Or, when Jews are elected to high office in any Arab F'ed up nation.
12. Use brain before open mouth
Haider ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (06.24.15)
Did Mazuz forget that his parents are from Tunisia. It is like, for example, saying to an American Indian: You should be grateful of having a US citizenship.
13. Revoked citizenship
Michael Pielet ,   Israel   (06.24.15)
The King revoked their citizenship? By what right? This does not result in the arabs residing in Judea and Samaria becoming citizens of israel. These arabs remain citizens of Jordan and or the arab nation.
14. parliamentary rights?????
bob ,   chennai   (06.24.15)
Ok If this is a story in a pure secular democratic country. Hon Speaker stop the mike of the government delegate ( The minister on this contravercy) and just suspend his entry to the legislative house till his apology or prove the facts. don't make an Israeli Citizen ship as some thing which loose when you are sneezingggg.and available in flee market..First learn the reason and pain of being a citizen then be a minister..I support Merez and it,s strong stands in the legislative houses. Good keep it up.
15. Hypocrisy and stupidity
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerualem Israel   (06.24.15)
The Arab MKs who consistently attack Israel's right to defend itself are traitors. They are hypocritical in their repeated efforts to use democratic freedoms to allow for their own totalitarian evil actions. Siding with them is siding with those who would destroy us.
16. Citizenship - a favour?
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (06.25.15)
Where do you draw the line? Take away citizenship from anti-Zionist Charedi? Take away citizenship from anyone dissenting from officially sanctioned beliefs? Take away citizenship from those who are not of the 'right' ethnicity? What is the matter with everyone?? I thought we had got away from these kinds of evil - but clearly they live on, despite supposed recognition of the horrors of pre-war Europe and WWII!
17. to #12: check your facts!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (06.25.15)
but it also helps to know what you're talking about. "american indians" weren't born is sweden or have swedish citizenship. yasser arafat, the arch-palestinian, was born in cairo, and mahmoud abbas, his terrorist successor in a business suit, has jordanian citizen (as does most of the leadership). and i've never heard any "american indians" call themselves swedes, the way that hanan zoabi, an israeli member of knesset, calls herself a "palestinian". but thanks for posting your opinion anyway.
18. No 12 you are a swede. You dont have a moral say
For most of History Swedes were Imperialists. Also in many cases antisemitics, they brought hate gainst Poolish Jewsjust as Germans did in the 13th century
19. saying nicely
PARTNER PC ,   paradise   (06.25.15)
they could live their wonderful islamic republics have no freedom of speech or any other kind offreedom not be able to get a job with ahigh standard of living a country that kills its citizens or starvesthem if `they are not happy and satisfied they can packup their bags and leave
20. #8 Jordan is filled with homeless Syrians
I guess Jordan prefers any foreign Muslims but the terroristic pals. Didn't the pals try to assassinate the old Jordanian king? Dumb ba$tards/
21. # 15 Amen Shalom.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.25.15)
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