Foreign investment in Israel cut by half in 2014
Moshe Glantz
Published: 24.06.15, 21:00
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1. Good
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (06.25.15)
2. Dancing footsie with terrorists has paid off ..
ab   (06.25.15)
3. HOW IT will be
private citizen ,   reality truthsfulll   (06.25.15)
they must have meant a the un is wrong as usual they must have meant a 50 percent in israeli investment increase the un onllygive out false information they all better hope they dont get sick and need israeli medical eguiptment i would hold it backfrom the bacockters and let them die israel dosent want to make liarers out them
4. Economy
Ben Greenbaum ,   Halandale USA   (06.25.15)
The leftist cyclical attempt to make an of the economic environment into bashing Israel for defending itself.!!!
5. distortions. crap. spin. useless drible
ralph   (06.25.15)
6. Taxes,not Gaza ,are to blame.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.26.15)
7. What rubbish! How should the UN know about a decrease in
Ralph   (06.25.15)
foreign investment in Israel? Is anyone from the UN a member of the Israeli government?
8. FDI inflow to Israel up by 71% in 2015
Jacob Gypsum   (06.26.16)
According to the World Investment Report 2016, FDI inflow to Israel in 2015 was up 71% compared to 2014, nearly reaching the 2013 level, and much more than in 2012. Suck it up, haters!
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