Islamic State attacks Syrian army and Kurds in new offensive
Published: 25.06.15, 10:31
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1. Our money and support should be
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (06.25.15)
behind the Kurdish People! They are Muslim but predominantly Pro Israel and the West. Much more military aid should be provided for them. They are the most dependable allies we have in the area! If they form a state, they will be our strongest ally!
2. Hope the Kurds beat ISIS to a pulp
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.25.15)
also wish obama had helped the Kurds but, knowing obama's preference for all things Muslims ( even ISIS atrocities don't bother boy wonder obama.) he's done nothing to help the Kurds while at the same time is making Iran a sweetheart deal on the backs of all free men and women world wide. MORE BUILDING !!! POS obama is gone soon but, not soon enough.
3. The evil ones do seek out a fight, I'll credit them that
Cameron ,   USA   (06.25.15)
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.26.15)
Iranians ridiculed US in order to get them out of there. Now, they are blaming US for everything ISIS creating. US moved their biggest enemy and now they have even bigger one.
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