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Website records testimonies of anti-Semitism on US campuses
B. Shane Morganstein
Published: 27.06.15, 23:59
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1. Vote With Your Feet
Christy ,   Boston, US   (06.28.15)
Do not attend these schools! Don't allow your children to attend them! Don't support them with your donations. If they get tax dollars - let your legislatures know you're unhappy. Don't vote for any person who won't listen.
2. Nothing but false propaganda!
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (06.28.15)
I am an Israeli in the US, involved with academia and I wear my kippa. There is no truth to these accusations of "antisemitism" on the campuses, and they only come to put the universities on the defense so they would forbid BDS activities. See this videos: Or this one:
3. writing on the wall
mike north ,   karmiel israel   (06.28.15)
Sounds pretty similar to Europe in the early 30's. Come home to our homeland before it's too late, If one can't feel proud to be Jewish-one is living a false life. BDS supporters are hypocrites-have nothing to say of the brutal killings in the Arab world and Africa
4. Where are the videos?
Nadya ,   NY   (06.28.15)
At this day and age where everything is on tape, why don't they tape these alleged incidents. Till they produce videos, it's more hasbara meant to intimidate, and won't be going anywhere.
5. There's a hundred ways to extort funds ,...
split   (06.28.15)
Americans are pissed of looking at the police car and cop or two inside guarding every synagogue or Jewish run institution and the waste of their taxes because this eternal 'victims' won't take look in the mirror and learn to co-exist with others ,... They're tired of this me, me, poor me, those thousands so called charitable organizations ripping them of by living of government grants and tax deductible donations that must be replaced by additional taxes, a holocaust memorial in every boonie town, being reminded daily how bad and anti-Semitic they're ,... They're pissed of looking at those black hatted two digit families living on welfare while they can hardly afford a kid or two ,... Stop moaning and yelping and grow up !!! ,...
6. Hasbara,promoting the "victim" mind set
James USA   (06.29.15)
Say it often enough people will believe it. Jews have said so often that jews actually believe it themselves.
7. Very considerate "antisemites"!
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (06.29.15)
Not only that they did not touch the Israeli flag, but they also used a tape that can be removed without defacing the wall! The Jewish "victim" student should be polygraphed!
8. When Jews imitate other cultures
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.29.15)
G-D instigates goyim to hate Jews.
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