IDF: Golan sirens result of Syria battles
Yoav Zitun
Published: 28.06.15, 15:22
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1. CODE RED ALERT... RABBI THIRSTY from heat ???
M. S. ,   Mpls America   (06.28.15)
CODE RED ALERT... NICE... but... since 1973 the most dangerous thing that has may be ever crossed the Israel Syria frontier border would a RABBIT may be and or even may be a WILD BOAR... RIGHT ??? CODE RED ALERT really have them have such a thing but I guess since you are ... TECHNICIALY SUPPOSEDLY... the religious descendents of the ORIGINIAL ZIONIST PIONIERS of 1889 you got to have them the SIRENS I mean because it is Z P Law Rules Requirements so on... RIGHT ??? Like the... BOY... who cryed WOLF... a famous Swedish Swiss fairy tale the world BELIEVES IT... but who knows in a couple of days it will be JULY 2015 who knows what could happen in JULY 2015 so I guess may be you do still need them after all... RIGHT ???
2. to Jack Levi
erin ,   USA   (06.29.15)
you seem to know something I don't know. Do you want to tell us the details?
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