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Jews in Paris: If you're pro-Israel in France, you're finished!
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 29.06.15, 00:11
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1. The writing is clearly on the wall..its time to get out of
Al   (06.29.15)
there. Stop the delusional rationalizing, its over its done. 73 Years ago France helped the Nazis cleanse themselves of their Jews. I appeal to the young Sephardi Jews who do not have a clear understanding of WWII Nazi Europe and its history. Get out of there and do not look back. Europe has and will always be a hellhole for us Jews. Don't fall victim to it. Your home is in Israel. I know the Israelis are not easy to be with, however it is your home.
2. And so will slide the rest of the EU.
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.29.15)
3. why flaunt religious clothing
Adi   (06.29.15)
In this day and age why do people have to go around flaunting this religious life style? They are deliberatly making themselves a target.
4. You reap what you sow ,...
split   (06.29.15)
"but also fearing to show solidarity with Israel" No wonder considering what Israelis are doing on occupied land and how do they treat the occupied ,... For what I see it won't even cross this pinhead's mind that what they do is simply wrong ,... Dude you don't have to educate anyone what or why Israel does they could watch you with your children in real time picking on the hilltops and cheering every blast over Gaza, they could see and judge on their own ,... Not to mention that's not a secret that for some of the French Jews the French armed forces aren't good enough so they choose to serve in IDF ,...
5. Adi @ 3 ,...
split   (06.29.15)
Aside their clothes don't you think that an average hard working French dude gets pissed off looking at those soldiers and the waste of his tax money because their lack of co-existence skills and the resentment to make any changes and assimilation? ,... Don't you think that they're pissed of looking at the double digit black hatted, modestly wrapped families living of welfare while they work one or two jobs and can hardly afford one or two kids because the taxes are eating most what they earn? I wonder when the French folks looking at this waste are going to say e n o u g h ,... Not much difference in US except that instead of soldiers you see a police car or sometimes two during some gathering with a cop or two in it 24/7/365 in front of every synagogue or Jewish institution ,... Everywhere they showed up they expect the locals/natives to bend over to accommodate their weird lifestyle and customs and the hell with the established order.
6. lessons in life
ky   (06.29.15)
when I walk the street it is to get from A to B without being bothered. When I sit in a cafe it is to have something to eat and drink and enjoy it . Exhibitionism for whatever purpose is an unnecessary burden .
7. French Jews have somewhere to go
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (06.29.15)
It's a good thing that France is a member of .the EU.The rest of the French non-Muslims will have somewhere to escape to as well. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
8. #3 - tell it to the burqa and afghani trousers crowd
Avi L.   (07.01.15)
9. This is what America will look like
David ,   New york   (07.01.15)
After Obama and the left are done with it.
10. #9...Yep..afraid so.
Puzzawoy Myet Dupas ,   NY   (07.02.15)
Jews get out...come to Israel. Let the wonderful Frenchmen deal with the Islamic hordes. They are already Dhimmis!
11. French are more pissed with Islamic beheadings...
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (07.18.15)
Name one good 'established order' the muslims have come up with? Somehow the Muslims always find the lowest common denominator.... murdering women and calling it an honor isn't something to protect or defend. Neither is obama open border policy with Mexico causing deaths, rapes and mayhem. You have some mental problems got Dr. A good Jewish Dr.?
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