Settlers: IDF needs to do more for us
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 01.07.15, 10:06
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1. The settlers..are PAWNS..Disposable PAWNS..
hamdan ,   amman Jordan   (07.01.15)
these Illegal Outlaws are NOT respected anywhere...Even in Israel.. I met some Israelis in Amman.Peace loving Israelis..and that is the majority of Israelis..They had enough... and they look at the settlers like..Are also..DUM..and Disposable.. NO way will BiBi or any other PM.. take them seriously...They use them..and When they are done with them..They will find a way to dispose of them..and remove them..
2. What a great solution to walk away from our Land of Israel:
do (almost) nothing and wait until the "settlers" are fed up dying for an ungrateful public & leave the territory to Arab usurpers.... well thought out Mr.Bibi-King!
3. Is this report talking about Tel Aviv Settlers? Not clear.
Renne   (07.01.15)
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