Chief detective commits suicide in wake of bribery allegations
Eli Senyor
Published: 05.07.15, 08:45
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1. Police harassment innocent Jews ends up like this.
Matthew Sparks   (07.05.15)
bracha's suicide seems to strongly imply guilt. even if the guilt factor is ignored what does his suicide say about the mental health of many policemen, and the understanding of mental health as it impacts on the public. police have no clue about what an investigation, or arrest or charge laid against a person can do to his \her mental health. most police judges and prosecuting attorneys have never spent 2 hours being investigated much less, 1 night in jail. if they would they would not be so callous and flippant about investigating and arresting and jailing citizens at their tiniest whim. "tragic suicide'? what is tragic is that he did not belong in that position. he was either guilty as sin, or totally not mentally competent to be in such a powerful position. no doubt he caused much despair, depression and suicidal death to innocent citizens, unfairly treated, due to his criminal guilt or his mental incompetence.
2. people of weak intellect and spirit have risen to the top in
Al   (07.05.15)
Israeli society. That doesn't say a lot about Israeli society. I am beginning to wonder that people of good intellect and spirit are making their fortune elsewhere. I am sorry for his family. I am sorry for Israel as a whole.
3. Are you sure he shot himself? ,...
split   (07.05.15)
Pinto was known to be a buddy of the big shot politicians and business folks in Israel and New York City, he was also known to police for his closely connection to Israeli mafia figures - How convenient ;) ,...
4. This is tragic
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (07.05.15)
I dont know if he took a bribe or not but even if he did it was not a reason to end his life. My condolences to his family.
5. Bracha told R. Pinto that he'd take his life if the
polygraph showed he lied. Exactly what happened.
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