Why did India abstain from UN Gaza report vote?
Itamar Eichner
Published: 05.07.15, 14:35
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1. Mr Tyagi-even a few Arab States are also warming to Israel
Alan ,   SA   (07.05.15)
2. India & Israel
Noreen Greenwood ,   new Hampshire,USA   (07.05.15)
3. India consorts with Zionists
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (07.05.15)
The spirits of the great Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit J. Nehru must be seething with anger at this betrayal of their legacy by the current PM Modi. This insane situation cannot last much longer. The Indian people will regain their senses and throw this renegade out.
An Ordinary Person ,   Jaipur, India   (07.05.15)
The Jewish State, will be truly Jewish in name and character, only when it gives the Palestinians, their own state. The Palestinians shall, to paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi, "World sympathy in this fight of right against might.", only when it shall absolve the violence by Hezbollah and Hamas, against the average Jewish citizen. The Palestinian Arab and the Israeli Jew, are both casualties of a bitter history. That said, the Zionist Right in Israel, has taken an unprincipled hard stance regarding settlements. That is an unethical and untenable approach. It wins Israel no friends. In India, many Indians who are sympathetic to peace in Israel-Palestine, wonder, why two people with a shared experience of displacement, won't make common cause. Finally, India too has many problems. Yet, all Indians know that whatever the burden of history, it must be confronted and compromised with to find a commonality. But violence, is not the way to peace. The British left in peace ... even if they didn't leave the Indian Subcontinent in peace with itself. They weren't murdered when leaving the docks of Bombay and Calcutta, even though they murdered millions of us over three centuries. Gandhi was right ... peace is the only way forward. An eye for an eye is making us blind. As for those running down Pandit Nehru, he made it a point to support the Jewish businesses, when in Germany for a health related visit. The same time when the browncoats were painting window panes with the Star of David. The world has known mercy before in dark times. It must discover it again. Shalom. Salaam. Shanti.
5. india israel friendship
vineet dabas ,   delhi ;INDIA   (07.05.15)
Now its turn to modi take friendship to next level with israel .A hindu nationalist turn india to a superpower and israel is best suited partner.all muslum country fear from this becz a hindu nationalist .whose dont want muslim poltics in india and israel is well known his behaviour against muslim country .waiting for modi visit
6. #3 Epic fail, graczek
Benji ,   US   (07.05.15)
India and Israel are both technologically advanced countries and working together benefits both countries. Any Indian leader looking out for India's future would agree.
7. India and Israel
Jay ,   Mumbai India   (07.05.15)
India and Israel are natural allies - Almost 90% of the Indian electorate supports the 2 countries coming close. O am glad the current government is choosing to correct the mistakes of the past and getting the friendship out of the closet
sham ,   INDIA   (07.06.15)
9. the right
roopesh puthalath ,   India   (07.06.15)
Isreal ,through out its very existence faced this threat of anhilation and India ,by shifting from its previos stand, finally is aligned with ,what its people wish for.I think if nobody cares about Jews ,we should .because they have been oppressed throughout the history of their existance, no matter what,and how biased is history is recorded..about Gaza the Arab nations have the money and land to relocate those people if they truly care about is not about common enemies ,or convergence in strategic goals . in the end its just ..the common indian citizen doesn't have a hatred towards Jews or the state of isreal and they are most welcome here..we are a democracy and at some point in time the nation will have to reflect what it really thinks and that is inevitable..Modi was not born with a silver spoon unlike the rulers of the dynasty which ruled India for a long time and is capable of thinking straight and doing the right a perilous time like this,it is of paramount importance that india help Israel because they have helped india in the past and India have never even acknowledged is a good thing that India no longer treats this nation as a mistress..
10. LOL graczek Your uninformed and so silly
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (07.07.15)
Gandhi copied a Jew, Jesus Christ and followed his example of passive resistance as did Martin Luther King. All three were assassinated, Jesus by Rome, Gandhi and Martin Luther King by other threatened radicals who by taking their lives had hoped to end their message, which, it did not it only magnified the message and made them heroes for their movements. The Indian people did gain their senses and decided to ally with an intelligent winner like Israel not America, not Russia, not China. Eat you anti semitic heart out ( assuming you have one.) LOVE BUILDING !!!
11. # 8 Thank you Sham.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (07.07.15)
Israel is friends with India too. Bless the friendship. LOVE BUILDING JEWISH ISRAEL !!!
12. # 9 Thank you roopesh puthalath
Couldn't have said it better. Shalom.
13. India and Israel
twice blessed ,   Toronto   (07.10.15)
2 of the greatest democracies. This alliance should flourish in light of the world we live in today !
14. terrorism
bablol singh ,   baraut india   (10.13.15)
India israel must work together todestroy terrorism.
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