UNESCO settles Jesus baptism site controversy, says Jordan
Roi Kais, Itamar Eichner
Published: 06.07.15, 12:16
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1. Jesus was a Pal who was born in a barn because Israel
Alan ,   SA   (07.06.15)
............. Now you fill in the rest of the sentence.
2. for #1 filling in the blank
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (07.06.15)
because Israel didn't exist the entire area was under control of the Roman Empire and they carried out a census which caused the pregnant Virgin to go with her cuckolded husband down to Bethlehem in JUDEA in order to be counted by the ROMANS. that said get over yourself Alan, get over yourself.
Ellen ,   Brisbane, Australia   (07.09.15)
As if UNESCO would actually KNOW where Jesus was baptized!!! No one does.
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