Negev teachers charged with spreading ISIS dogma to their students
Yoav Zitun
Published: 06.07.15, 19:26
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1. Mr. minister ,...
split   (07.06.15)
You can use the 'firmest hand' but you can't make them love you and at the end of the day you'll create more hate and more resentment ,... Anyway I would like to see their knee caps ,...
2. LOL pics above
Cameron ,   USA   (07.06.15)
What a dead-end crew. "Teachers", eh? A rather telling, visual indicator of why Arab populations spin ever further downward into political, social, and economic disarray.
3. Split
Jonathan ,   USA   (07.07.15)
There goes Mr. Spill-it again. No one wants to try to get YOU to like or trust them. Anyone who does, you just spit on them. You are not for a dialogue. You wish to inflict pain and smile at the results. We saw a lot of that kind wearing uniforms in Auschwitz so we recognize your type. Take a cue from your name and split. You're wasting valuable e-space. Banana Split - with rotten banana and no nuts. :)
4. Improve their lives
Avi L.   (07.07.15)
and pull them away from any islamist temptation. Fullbellied people don't make problems
5. Maybe only Jews should live in Israel?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (07.07.15)
Haven't heard of one Jew joining ISIS have you? Just pals, Bedouins and other misfits or inbred lunatics.
6. #3 One thing to remember
A ,   Belgium   (07.07.15)
Spit Polakniak's mother country hosted Auschwitz and other concentration camps. His hatred for Judaism and Israel is a result of a long history of genetic interbreeding.
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