Commercial dispute halves Holocaust survivors benefits
Omri Efraim
Published: 07.07.15, 00:28
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1. This is something that just should not be allowed to happen!
Whatever/whoever, I don't care: the responsible for such mess should be fired, put in chains for the rest of their miserable lives! Seriously. Disgusting behavior of people that long ago have shed their dignity & humanity.
2. Shame on us
nibor ,   israel   (07.07.15)
We claim the philosophy of our existence is the salvation from the Holocaust and here the survivors are financially struggling for years. This is top priority and should be taken care of NOW!
3. Shameful
Avraham ,   Jerusalem   (07.07.15)
Being in this needy group of Holocaust survivors, I am also ashamed and humiliated by those who prevent us getting our regular financial aid in time. What is even worse, the Finance Ministry is cutting me each month the sum of the restitution from Germany, even now, in July, when I have not received it on my bank account. How should one call such a gest from our government, not only from other organizations concerned??
4. No money for our Survivors!!
Ros ,   Tel Aviv   (07.07.15)
It is disgusting and a disgrace as I am sure that each body of people in each committee take a salary "while deciding how to distribute the money". Let our Survivors live the rest of their days with dignity and food!!!
5. holocaust organisations and money
tomer ,   jerusalem   (07.07.15)
Its one of the most disgusting chapters of jewish-israeli history. The distribution of holocaust reparation money to survivors. government pay to jewish institutions like claims conference,jewish communities world wide,israeli banks havve money of hollocaust victims,politicians,lawyers and a myriad of organisations try to make money on survivors back. Disgusting,disgusting,disgusting.....
6. Sadly Tomer #5 is correct.
A Jerusalemite ,   Jersalem, Israel   (07.08.15)
The German reparations were never paid to the survivors, but to all kinds of peripheral institutions. We see the results today in the hunger and suffering of these people. Shame on us!
7. Jews Stealing From Jews
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.08.15)
Just goes to show you that the holocaust really means nothing to the rich and powerful. It was just used as a meme to establish Israel as a base of operations for their criminal activities.
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