Intelligence officer: Islamic State in league with Hamas to create Gaza smuggling route
Elior Levy
Published: 07.07.15, 20:21
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1. not enough cooperation
observer ,   Egypt   (07.07.15)
most of the captured arms of ISIS terrorists in Sinai were Israeli made. not until all arms are Israeli made, then only we can call it full cooperation.
2. Clearly Defacto Islamic state gaining in Sinai
Zika   (07.07.15)
The Arabs cannot complain about not enough Territory for a warped ideology of Shariah Law and Conversion or Death . This Fascistic Primitive Ideology will have to be Fought with Technological Forces and take Severe casualties amongst the Psychopathic Death Cult Mutants .
3. Hamas & Islamic State: difference in the eye of the beholder
C   (07.07.15)
all of these hard core islamist groups are essentially the same in their goals and their methods. obama's claim that the islamic state can only be defeated with ideas is part of his total lack of historical knowledge and understanding. the allies did not defeat the nazis with ideas, but with huge numbers of arms and soldiers and creative strategies. the ideology of white supremacists is still alive but their defeat on the battle field keeps them from starting new wars at least for the near future.
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