Iran says makes new proposal in nuclear talks, West unimpressed
Published: 08.07.15, 16:03
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1. My Proposal......
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (07.08.15)
Cease and desist building nukes or we will knock out your entire infrastructure with EMF Weapons and Cyber Warfare.
2. Obama WH is strongly pressuring American Jews
C   (07.08.15)
the oama wh held a conference call with major american jewish groups putting strong pressure on them to support obama's iran deal. they were told that the iran deal is obama's major foreign policy goal and its achievement has been planned from day one of his presidency. the one hundred participants in the conference call were told to call democratic members of congress non-stop to make sure they did not vote against the deal. they were told to use a j-street poll which purports to show that american jews support the deal. j-stret is a creation of george soros and is part of the left wing of the democratic party. the conference call was organised by the ploughshare foundation, devoted to nuclear disamement and whose founder was a member of amnesty international. the foundation veers toward the far left of american politics.
3. It"s either Israel or Iran as an ally Obama
Shep ,   Memphis   (07.09.15)
Israel needs the U.S. Relationship worse than anything in the wirld, but Israel won't commit suicide by walking helplessly into the trap Obama seems to be setting for Israel. Israel may have to "go it alone" if Obama gives Iran the keys to nuclear weapons. Maybe the USA will get over it, maybe they won't, but better to be alive without friends than dead with the worlds sympathy.
4. If political calculations are worried about
mark ,   usa   (07.09.15)
a deal breaking down in an interm period of sixty days, how on this green earth is the deal to last ten years. If you can not understand that the world is getting played by iran then look no further than the last minute condition of lifting weapons sanctions with the rational that the two issues are separate, not linked, suckers are born every minute.
5. #1 - There are NO MAGIC WEAPONS
spyguy ,   seattle USA   (07.09.15)
Especially, there is no such thing as an EMF weapon. And note that cyber warfare works both ways. Iranian engineers are every bit as intelligent as USA and Israeli engineers. Iran is fully capable of making any attack on Iran extremely painful for the attacker. Then there is the problem that Iran does NOT have a nuclear weapons program. Before you make threats, you should carefully consider what your own costs will be.
6. # 1 Your proposal along with Sen. McCainBomb bomb bomb Iran
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (07.10.15)
sounds good to me. Iran is all talk and busily going broke in the Muslim vs. Muslim war. KEEP BUILDING !!
7. # 5 LOL No Iran is not fully capable or
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (07.10.15)
she wouldn't be sitting so long with Cohen Kerry born a Jew. Iran has her hat in her empty hand and, those chants of "Death to America' and "Death to israel' pretty much dictates her behavior to the west. We're starting to hear "Death to Iran" and other western chants of "Death to Arabs" so, maybe you better carefully reconsider which side your on? KEEP BUILDING ANCIENT JEWISH ISRAEL!!!!
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