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'Anti-Semitic' dolls sold in Polish souvenir shops
Noah Klieger
Published: 11.07.15, 14:31
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1. Polish jokes
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (07.12.15)
For a people who are the subject of slurs and "Polish jokes," one would think they'd "repent" and find their way to Humanity. Shame on you, Polskis...
2. Oy, do me a favor: this is old as Szymon Perski(at least!)
Is there nothing more substantial to write about? (if one wants to make sure that we don't stop feeling persecuted all the time) Really guys/girls. Just as we "know" Scottish people are stingy beyond belief, we "know" Jews (that's us) are "good with money". Period, end of story. Next you'll be telling me that Negroes aren't well endowed...?! What's next, no Santa Claus??!!!
3. Polish selling anti semitic dolls
Noach ,   Israel   (07.20.15)
This custom is not new and is very misleading. Many Polish homes possess paintings and pictures on their walls of a venerable Jewish man counting money - the pictures vary - but are a good luck symbol for a Polish home. Some have the tradition of turning the picture upside down annually so the counted coins will fall back onto the table and be counted again. We call this a segulah so perhaps this approximates to the same thing in the eyes of the Polish populous. I have been in a Polish home and seen such a painting and received such an perhaps we should not be so quick to accept a commercial sale of a doll as being anti_semitic...Ynet check your facts please.
4. Anti Semitic dolls
Lee Dismond ,   Kfar Saba, israel   (07.27.15)
A number of years ago I was in a Polish hotel in Crakow. This hotel was part of a famous internatioal chain. There in the gift shop I saw a collection of such anti Semitic dolls. I complained to the management of the hotel but there was little understanding or appreciation of my issue. Finally I decided to buy one to keep as a reminder that anti Semitism is alive and real in Poland! Perhaps this is just the tip of the iceberg and exists deeper and wider in today's world?
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