Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Missing Israeli in Hamas capitivity may not be worst-case scenario
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 09.07.15, 15:41
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1. George Eini FB
Raptor   (07.09.15)
Indeed it is tragic that he is mentally incapacitated. His unfortunate condition is not as bad as that of the Israeli leadership. The whole government is in a state of intellectual compromise.
2. They both wilfully enered Gaza,so whwre's the problem,except
ab   (07.09.15)
that Israeli cringers would gladly release all murderers in return for Gideon Levy or Amira or Gideon Levy if they crossed into Gaza
3. Is Avraham mentally ill?
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.09.15)
Why did he purposefully walk into Gaza? Wanted to become a spy for Hamas? Wanted to join them? The fact that he wasn't kidnapped, wasn't coerced, wasn't enticed, tells me that he chose to go to an enemy enclave. Will we be told the truth about this? Defectors are a fact of war. Not every Israeli is a hero. I hope he's alive, but we must consider the possibility that he went over the line for less than honorable reasons. (Which is no reflection on the family.)
4. The rules of engagement forbid firing on an unarmed person,"
James USA   (07.09.15)
Thanks for the laugh! Does it take much practice to say an outright lie with a straight face? Or are totally brain dead?
5. the family did not take care of him
the mental health professionals and social services did not take care of him. a mentally ill person should not be allowed to roam the streets without supervision.
6. What about Arab-Israelis that run off to Syria
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.09.15)
to join the fight or - worse, to join ISIS? Maybe this Ethiopian wanted to join Hamas ?
7. No more terrorist releases
jake ,   Jerusalem   (07.09.15)
There is no way that Israel is going to release terrorists for any more captives. Since the release of Gilad Schalit , terror in Israel has increased 50% every year. Just announce to the Hamas leadership that we will start assassinating them one by one.
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