Israel: No Hamas prisoner release for two missing Israelis
Yoav Zitun
Published: 10.07.15, 01:25
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1. One year later in Gaza....
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.10.15)
One year later Great - Reconstruction HAS started but its REBUILDING Tunnels and Rockets while INFRASTRUCTURE is left to rot One year later Hamas are ALREADY condemning Gazans TO THE NEXT ROUND OF WAR One year later The Hamas Charter which is the de facto Declaration of War on Israel REMAINS IN PLACE with therefore no chance of the blockade being lifted One year later Corruption, bribes, pay outs continue to the Hamas Elite One year later Fear and brutality toward opposition is greater than ever One year later After HE STARTED the last war the Fancy Boy Mashaal runs away to maintain his new comfy life thanks to the Turkish Tax Payer - not to planning a brighter future for Gaza BUT MORE WAR One year later They may not say it in public but young Gazans are angry, frustrated and betrayed by Hamas for their TOTAL FAILURE in Gaza. What they want is peace, careers, realising their potential, travel and indeed a new narrative and relationship with Israel and the PA. But Hamas choose to USEand ABUSE them as Cannon Fodder instead One year later The UNHRC, UNWRA, Hamas 'Technical Friends' in the EU, The Boycott Buffoons, Assorted fading 'celebs' LOOK AT HAMAS and then turn away So who is the BIGGER BETRAYER of Gaza?
2. What kind of security fence is that?
Alan ,   SA   (07.10.15)
3. only stupid jpost and leftist put forward racist label.
ralph   (07.10.15)
no more deals with hummas. bone for bone and no returning terrorist bodies. hide them for future trades. and shot to kill, death penalty for killing any israeli. if the world wants proportionality then we must inflict punishment on murders family to same extend death of israeli affected his family. tell un you want proportionality here it is.
4. There is no evidence for this story.
Murray the K ,   Brooklyn, NY   (07.10.15)
And since there is no evidence and there will be no evidence, except more very disputable pictures and proof-less show-off and a developing story that will so predictably incite Israeli aggression, beware of another summer operation.
5. Would be a different tune
Jim   (07.10.15)
if they were ero-jews.
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