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Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's crackdown in Sinai risks more instability in Egypt
Published: 11.07.15, 19:13
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1. Just if a Truce Complying Hamas allowed refuge Rafah and El
Zika   (07.12.15)
A cruel aspect of the Gaza war from the Islam humanitarian perspective is why from Rafah to el Arish civilians were not allowed to escape from Gaza .The Un ought force Egypt to open borders for women and noncombatant youngsters. If Hamas adheres to a moderate foreign policy while still keeping the Humanitarian aspects of Islam Charity Modesty No Alchohol except health reasons as so Cannibas Protection of the People of the Book Full Truce with Israel in exchange for economic freedoms there a much more humane atmosphere .
2. Isnt Reuters owned by Arabs? Sisi is on the RIGHT track.....
Alan ,   SA   (07.11.15)
This campaign will take a looooooooong time.All must be patient and help Pres Al Sisi.There is no other solution. There will be many good and honest Egyptians who will be killed by these criminal terrorists. The West is used to wars lasting a 4 or 5 years .Like WW! and WW2. But Israel has been fighting since early 20th Century. Same will be for Egypt. DECADES OF WAR against these trash. Didnt Algeria also have a similar problem in 80s and 90s....Take a lesson from Algeria!
3. => Dictator's egos always lead them to FAIL
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (07.12.15)
All dictators that have tried to use brute force to control their populations have FAILED miserably and al-Sisi will also fail. The clear lesson of history is trying to oppress a part of the population by killing, just increases the number of people that will be willing to use violence in retaliation. This is especially true now because the world is awash in really deadly weapons and with global communication, successful anti-government techniques are quickly communicated. Inclusion works much better in the long term than brutal force. Al-Sisi should be trying to work with a MAJORITY of the people to minimize the number of people that could become cannon fodder for ISIS.
4. Insanity. No crackdown will cause much bigger instability.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.12.15)
5. Timing "Death to Israel" doesn't sound humane to me.....
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (07.14.15)
maybe after Hamas is but a smudge on the pavement? KEEP BUILDING !!!
6. LOL Muslim Brotherhood failed big time.
The Egyptian people, 22 million of them signed petitions to remove Morsi after he began changing the Egyptian constitution to make himself Pharaoh. You really should get with it old boy...war is hell especially when your side is losing and... don't they always? LOVE BUILDING JEWISH ISRAEL !!!
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