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Jewish boy attacked in Paris suburb for wearing kippah
Tali Farkash
Published: 12.07.15, 20:17
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1. Same old same old...get a brain wave and get out of there..
Al   (07.13.15)
There is nothing to keep the Jews in France or Europe for that matter. The Europeans have shone their animus towards the Jew for the past 2000 years. Nothing has or will change. Let the Europeans chock with their new found friends, the Arabs. GET OUT OF THERE!
2. Wear a baseball hat over the kippah when in public in France
Rivkah   (07.13.15)
It is a dangerous country to live in for Jews presently. The boy might be inspired to learn MMA and other skills like an enlisted man I knew in the US Navy did long ago. He was Chinese and grew up in Hong Kong where he was attacked by bullies with tiger claws (steel sharpened claws) that left scars across his chest. Peter Yu learned martial arts and was so expert he could kick his foot at me from behind his body and not hit my face, coming less than half an inch from my face he had such control. He could take on a band of people attacking him if that became necessary, whirling around and kick boxing like Chuck Norris. Peter Yu learned how to survive in Hong Kong, a very dangerous place. He was prepared for sudden dangers and was deadly if he chose to be.
3. Fact - Fiction? staged? False-flag?
Jim   (07.13.15)
4. SIX black men attacked a 13 year old Jewish boy?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (08.10.15)
Nothing but anti semitic thugs and thieves. These are the types France coddles and insist be given a "State within Israel." Are they nuts? Yes, hell yes !!! Up yours france for being institutionalize anti semites. MORE BUILDING!! LOT MORE BUILDING !!!
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