Deputy FM: Western Wall to become part of every official visit
Itamar Eichner
Published: 17.07.15, 00:00
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1. Why not add in.....
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.17.15)
...Maarat Hamachpela, "University" of Ariel and an illegal outpost of the Hilltop Youth ? That would be first class diplomatic protocol
2. Don't force anything
Dan   (07.17.15)
Forcing dignitaries to visit Yad Vashem or the Western Wall undermines the meaning of the visit — it means they are just ticking a box. What a stupid idea from a stupid government.
3. It is the very small details that make big difference!
She is 100% correct: about bloody time we start asserting unequivocal Sovereignty in our Land!
4. Yad Vashem should be a voluntary stop for the dignitaries,
"Kotel" not so! That way you differentiate between friend & foe. Funny it took a woman for our feeble, trembling-Jew government to grow a pair :-))
5. Sorry I dont like the idea.If they ask to visit it will beOK
Alan ,   SA   (07.17.15)
Putin asked to visit and was so keen to do so,he visited Kotel at Midnite due to his tight schedule.
6. # 2
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (07.17.15)
Agree with you 100%
7. Jewish connection to the Kotel
Elaine   (07.17.15)
We should stess that we have returned to our heritage. Yad Vashem has a mordent attraction but the Holocaust isn't our whole history
8. How about
James   (07.17.15)
requirement to bring an ox and sacrifice it on the temple mount? And only receive diplomats that are circumcised.
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