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Iran deal will save Assad
Smadar Perry
Published: 19.07.15, 23:56
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1. Your comment on Bashar to stay
Hadi Eid Ph.D ,   monteverde Lebanon   (07.20.15)
Amazing! Heretofore Israel was Bashar's savior for the price of relinquished Golan Heights and the destruction of his army and nation. Now Israel and Iran are holding him, and guess what is next: Israel and Iran in a new pact under the American umbrella!!
2. Iran Nuke Deal
Dr. Leslie J. Kellne ,   New York, USA   (07.20.15)
President Obama's geo-political legacy may just turn out to be that due to the naiveté of his world view, he was the first President who got the Israelis & Saudis to cooperate & lord knows who else in the gulf. How abandoned must our allies feel???? Stroke of genius...........NOT!
3. Not necessarily
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.20.15)
With Iran over extended, Assad weakening and ISIS on the march growing stronger by the day this is not a guaranteed outcome.
4. somuch
5. ehud barak judgement in his rear end
jerry   (07.20.15)
recall barak said assad would begone in months and that was 3 years ago. \\he said unilateral withdrawal would begood for israel ie lebanon and gaza. HIs handling of the marmora was good eh? This is one lousy land genera,, ok as a commando in his early days but lousy later. \ynet built up just like the built up halutz, olmert. What a rotten newsmedia!
6. On life support
i-mullah   (07.20.15)
1. Chemical disarmament - fig leaf 2. ISIS scare - fig leaf 3. Iran - USA deal - fig leaf Good job, Iranian mullahs!
7. Hardly a given, Perry
Cameron ,   USA   (07.20.15)
He has forever turned the majority of the populace against him, and has quite an array of determined Sunni forces in the field determined to break his regime. Past Persian infusions of cash & volunteers has been decidedly mediocre in enhancing Assad's position.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (07.21.15)
mullahs need to put more Hezzis and more of their own Basijis on the battlefield. Sunnis will not let Iran just win this war that easily. There will be a large bloodbath coming soon, I'm afraid. However, we wish them both equal success.
9. One scenario
מראן בשארה ,   טירה משולש   (07.22.15)
Oppose Iran Deal- Iran's enemies should fear Iran, but Iran's friends should fear Iran more. The Western Iranian agreement is historically bad and it ultimately leads to the Iranian bad behavior in the region. We understand that Iran required something more than what was written on agreement.. This agreement will make the inevitable confrontation between Iran and the Arab world and at the end the victim of such an agreement is Iran and Israel. The ignorant from believing that Iran will turn to a civilized State in the region, It just will be the tool used by the West to plunge the region into a new system of Communal conflict and Iran temporarily to be the monster to do so. Certainly the dismantling of historical and ideological project in the region must pass over a bridge of wars. five words changes our world :America, IS (and it's cluster), Iran, Syria, Yemen. The last four words are good energy sources for the political process in the region (historical and geographical interests ), until the end of this century would be dismantling the historic project and the ideological project of the region , the greatest risk in these projects as they are flammable, military. The Iraq where IS land of the Abbasid Caliphate, and Iran Persian Empire countries and Syria succession of Muslims and Roman land and land of the Umayyad Caliphate, and Yemen land of civilizations, all these sites are containment of Islamic history and no one can understand what is going on without connecting these four codes and history. Changing the economic concepts in the region What is the new perspectives that will build upon the political movement in the region.? We must prepare to historical and ideological dismantling project that will change the economic concepts in the region . Why the Saudis go to Russia at this time? the main reason to build economic allies regarding energy production and maintain production and prices (change the economic concepts)... The second Scenario- why to agree with deal- because there is no other choice. The future of Aseed in the hand of the USA not in the hand of Iran and Russia
10. Assad will be deported soon
עמראן בשארה ,   טירה משולש   (08.06.15)
I'm pleased to announce that Bashar Al-Assad, ( the most expensive leader in the world) will be deported soon. But brutality will remain , because Bashar ( like kadhafi, or Hassan Ali Khamenei in Lebanon) is not an unjust ruler, but he is a gang leader, which is govern by force of his strongly loyalist gangs. Another gangs leader is deporting after that, (Hassan Ali Khamenei), Hassan would not survival in Lebanon without Assad's strongly loyalist gangs.
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