Admired, powerful rabbi suspected of sex offenses
Kobi Nachshoni, Goel Beno
Published: 19.07.15, 23:33
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1. Extreme Alienation from these Charisma Cults
Zika   (07.20.15)
These Charisma Cults are Dangerous and have to be watched carefully . Perhaps the technology of MRI uptake into the brain and Forensic Pet scans ought be superior to Lie detecting tests .they are Medical Sciences Equivelant Kabbalah and can weed out the Psychos .
2. transgression of Yechud
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (07.20.15)
It is forbidden for a man to seclude himself in a room with a woman other than his wife or his daughter. So many men have been burned by over looking this halacha and so many women have be taken advantage of by overlooking this halacha. No matter how righteous the man, if he does not have another person present when speaking to a women, he transgresses what is known as Yichud, being alone with a unrelated women. All people, and that includes non religious should be careful in this manner since there is much protection by having either an open door or a third party in the room.
3. 3 articles involving corrupt Rabbis
Jerome ,   AKL   (07.20.15)
There currently 3 articles involving Rabbis. When I posted (twice) that these are the crooks responsible for us paying $47.00 for a 200gm tray of lamb rack, Ynet refused to publish them. Dear Ynet, in case you are unaware, same lamb is sold non kosher in Australian/ New Zealand supermarkets for $7.00. We pay $47.00. It is worthy of publication. Thanks.
4. and yet those gulable sheep follow him
Miri   (07.20.15)
More hypocrisy from the religious
5. Very confusing!
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (07.20.15)
Is this the Rabbi that was just accused of bribery? Or is it the Rabbi that molested kids? It is very difficult to follow the adventures of these holy people without getting really confused.
It is not enough for a man to simply study Torah ,Talmud etc .A man should try to keep on the right path and to resist giving in to hus urges /temptaions etc. This demonstrates that even holy men call fall and do bad things.
7. Humans
US citizen ,   US   (07.20.15)
Good thing the true and living One is more and greater, and possessor of power and intelligence greater, than all mere humans. Thanks be to you, Sir/God.
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