Before we storm Capitol Hill
Efraim Halevy
Published: 20.07.15, 23:12
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1. Too Late - Coup Attempt in progress
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (07.21.15)
The attempt to decapitate the US government is in progress. Thinking through the potential blowback should have been done months ago. The die is cast. The Rubicon has already been crossed. The Mouse has Roared.
2. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW! This agreement is pure crap!
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.20.15)
This agreement gives Iran 24 days to prepare for "inspections". It is a disgusting joke. The latest: Iran has forbidden U.S. inspectors altogether! No agreement is far better than this sick joke. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
3. Primiive belief in "signed word" by Mossad boss,,,
ab   (07.21.15)
4. Warmongering Jews against the world
Carol ,   NYC   (07.21.15)
Keep it up until you expose your warmongering to everyone in US, until you create antisemitism where none exists today. How can you even think this will result in your favor? You are making enemies by the day.
5. Iran and its allies won
C   (07.21.15)
obama has legitimised the totalitarian genocidal shia terrorr regime. the fact that iran is being allowed to continue its terror activities, its proxy wars, its genocidal activities in syria and elsewhere is horrific. the lifting of the arms embargo on iran, including on all conventional weapons systems and ballistic missiles, is a huge win for iran, russia and china. the lifting of all sanctions on iran will give it huge amounts of moneys with which to buy or construct its weapons systems. it will additionally allow iran to increase the financing of its various terror proxies, including hezbollah. that is also a win for russia and its attachment to assad and the strategic mediterranian naval base at tartus. this will allow russia to spy on the entire middle east. iran will be able to become a full nuclear power at most in ten years if it does not cheat, and earlier if it does cheat as it most likely will. a nuclear iran will guarantee nuclear terror and nuclear blackmail. iran will become the regional hegemone without any power able to curb its appetite to export its shia revolution.
6. halevy a failed mossad head
hymie   (07.21.15)
recall the hit on meshall-that was during halevi's term as mossad head-that was a dumb operation given the go by a lapid like arrogant thinks he knows it all. He reminds us of weisglass, another british accented dumbbell who pushed the gaza withdrawal on sharon. The 2 of them are worthless in security matters and their opinions belong in the garbage. In other words, halevy is like halutz and peretz and olmert. As winograd what he thinks of them.
7. Efraim at his "best": being out of sanity &deep into leftist
la-la territory.
8. Better to make enemies than-----
Don Saliman ,   Israel   (07.22.15)
Carol , NYC, I would rather make an enemy of you and others, than have my family,friends and all citizens of Israel , Christians, Muslims and Jews to be nuked by Iran. You must understand, we are not war mongers, we just want to live a peaceful life and not have the worry everyday, that Iran might nuke us or Hamas or Isis might attack us. You must come and live in Israel for a number of years before you understand and know why we feel like we feel, until then don't judge us so harsh
9. There is an alternative to this agreement
Iran Azad ,   US   (07.22.15)
It seems that the US is deluding itself on the nature of the Islamic occupying regime in Tehran. They will not abide to any agreement because their strategic goal is regime survival from external threats. They see this agreement as a tactical retreat to get sanctions relief and being able to cheat for the bombs. Why did they ask for 24 days for inspections? I am ashamed of president Obama who cut a deal with the murderous mullahs and turned its back on the people of Iran when they needed support. He stood with the people against Mubarak but not in Iran, why is that? Had he supported the people in 2009, we wouldn't be talking about a nuclear weapon program right now. That awful deal won't do anything to anybody's security. It only strengthens an illegitimate moribund regime for a few more years. The only viable solution is to help the people of iran overthrow the Islamic dictatorship. "To admire this regime because of Iranian culture is like admiring Hitler for Goethe and Beethoven and praising Stalin for Pushkin and Tchaikovsky.Iran as a nation doesn't have a problem with anybody. Iran as a vehicle of the Khomeinist revolution has a problem with everybody". There should be some help to let Iran become Iran again. Netanyahu is the only one saving the honour of the free world while there are talks as to whom is going enter the Iranian markets first. What a wonderful world.
10. #8 - If I can live my whole life with nukes
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (07.22.15)
pointed at me in Seattle by Russia and China, you can easily live with the non-existent Iranian nukes. BTW - Why do you ignore Pakistan that already HAS nuclear weapons and will soon have the ability to deliver them to Israel? Why do you ignore Saudi Arabia which has lots of nuclear capable quick launch DF21C medium range ballistic missiles pointed at Israel. BTW - there are very strong indications that the Saudis have purchased nuclear warheads for their DF21C from . . . wait for it . . . Pakistan. Then there is the slight problem that Saudi Arabia is funding ISIS.NOTE that you have chosen to live in a known war zone. If you want a "safe" life, you should move to one of the MANY much safer places on earth.
11. #8 Don Saliman
Stan ,   Israel   (07.22.15)
I live in Israel - Since 1962. All my children and grandchildren live in Israel. Iran will never nuke Israel (unless we attack them first) The only danger to Israel's future is BDS It brought down Apartheid SA and it will happen here if we don't give up the occupation
12. Just as 80% - 90% of comments are right-wing
Stan ,   Israel   (07.22.15)
80% - 90% of ex heads of Mossad and Shin Bet are pragmatic centerists. If they were idiots as some of you claim, they could not have held the positions which they did.
13. This agreement is worse than no agreement,
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.23.15)
BECAUSE it lifts the sanctions ! BOMB IRAN NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14. ##13 - You are personally free to attack Iran
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (07.23.15)
any time you want to step away from your keyboard and lead the charge. The REALITY is no one is going to attack Iran because the consequences would be so BAD for whoever does the attacking. The IDF and USA military leadership KNOW this very well, even if you do not appear to understand this.
15. Halevy's favorite remark about the agreenet of the 6 countri
David Gershon, Profe ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.23.15)
It is amazing that Halevy is so naive (after his ranking position in Israel security). The agreement DOES NOT ENSURE IN ANYWAY AN AQPPROPRIATE SUPERVISION OF THE IRANIAN NUCLEAR EFFORT. The Iranians are on the reopes right now and negotiators mere astute than Kerry and Obama could squeeze a much better agreement! However the clever Iranians sensed the lack of sophistication of the above atook perfect advantage. In other words they are left to do all they need covertly.
16. So STUPIDGUY wants to let Iran go nuclear?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.24.15)
He doesn't call himself STUPID for nothing
17. #16 - As India, Pakistan, NK and Israel have demonstrated
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (07.24.15)
It does not take much for any country to develop nuclear technology. In fact the list of countries with more nuclear capability than Iran is very, very long. If Iran actually wanted a nuclear bomb there is NOTHING the USA or Israel could do to prevent it. Or Iran could just do like the Saudis and buy fully functional nuclear bombs from the Pakistanis. BTW - if you check with the Nuclear Threat Initiative (nti.org) , you will discover that there are more than 10 nukes that no one knows where they are - they simply "disappeared" from the global inventory. Iran is not a nuclear threat, especially after the agreement.
18. #17 Spy Simpleton
Benji ,   US   (07.25.15)
Iran is a nuclear and terror threat now. The Obama/Kerry bad deal will fund Iran's nuclear program by giving them billions of dollars to enhance their program. Stick to comic books.
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