Countering anti-Semitism is vital for Europe's unity
Rabbi Menachem Margolin
Published: 23.07.15, 23:13
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1. What unity ...?!
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (07.24.15)
IT is true and evident to any Jew, that Europe died in Auschwitz, Treblinka, Maydanek, Mauthausen, etc.... Why would any Jew with some sanity, wanted to settle anywhere in Europe of today ? European countries are slowly & surely disappearing, transforming into 3rd, World countries ...
2. Nobody owes the Jews anything!
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (07.24.15)
If we, the Jews, have a reputation problem (a.k.a-"antisemitism") then it is our problem and nobody else's. We should look in the mirror and ask ourselves why more and more people do not the official, ADL sponsored, claim that Jews are just benevolent victims. It is not the job of any goverment, but the Israeli government, to serve as our PR agency. Let the people of the world decide for themselves what the Jews are.
3. European antisemitism
Zeke Zukov ,   Billings Montana USA   (07.24.15)
How are EU leaders going to deal with anti-Semitism when they are anti-Semitic. Need I remind everyone that the UN passed a resolution that was agreed to by the EU condemning only Israel for social injustices. Please, give me a break.
4. Why any Jew would want to be in Europe is
Beyond me. Get out ..you have a home. Israel
5. Problems explotied by the Mullahs of Iran
i-ambi   (07.24.15)
They incite every possible potential ally. Muslims never had it worse than now with the Iranian leaders' mega-ambitions.
6. "European unity"? Lol, what's that?
Jake   (07.25.15)
7. #4 Aliyah, most expensive unproductive 8 years of my life
No more ,   fax machines   (07.25.15)
One day I thought, it's just not worth the endless hassle. Nonetheless, I am glad I did it so I have no regrets when I'm older. Why anyone would want to leave the first world to move to a 2nd/3rd world is a lifestyle choice.
8. Beam me up, Scotty ,...
split   (07.25.15)
This dude who's faith forbids intermarriage with any person outside the tribe and faith where their spiritual leaders excommunicate and exile members of the flock for breaking this stupid 'law' is lecturing others on racism and tolerance ,... Rebbe folks are pissed off watching your double digit families schnorring on welfare while many of them hold two jobs to make ends meet - I bet those young soldiers would rather be with their sweethearts or at the pub sipping beer than watching your back because you don't know how to co-exist, do nothing to learn some co-existence skills and refuse to blend in ,... By the way mr. Margolin, also, people are pissed off of the countless Jewish organizations like yours living of government grants and tax deductible donations and never ending sucking sound that comes with it ,...
9. "never our intention to be alarmist"
James   (07.24.15)
Sole purpose to advance vctimhood
10. It is vital to Europe's blessing to protect the Jews. Consid
Rivkah   (07.25.15)
Consider what happened to Spain when the Jews were persecuted and then thrown out of Spain and Portugal and their properties confiscated. Dead Jews were dug up and put on trial to steal what went to their descendants. And Spain and Portugal lost their world power status, Spain losing its armada of ships to a storm off England. There are many similar examples in history. Beware, Europe, beware. When all the Jews are gone, the blessings of Abraham will go with them. Christians did not replace the Jews in haShem's plan. The real ones were grafted on to the tree of faith with Jewish roots and became Jewish in their hearts. It is necessary to sing the Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb to enter eternal life. (Revelation 15:3)
11. #8 Feel better split?
Benji ,   US   (07.26.15)
Daily rant better than banging your head against wall? Take your own advice. Be less of a racist, more tolerant and stop living on US welfare.
12. Benji @ 11 - Tell me where I'm wrong ,...
split   (07.26.15)
13. Yo, Jew-dudes, stop this pointless bickering about character
of the European antisemitism! It's been there in ancient times and will live on in whatever form Europe decides to take. We've got Israel to take worry about and unfortunate as it is, Jews in the Diaspora will have to make their own, grown up decisions.
14. Split #8. You, sir, are a foul antisemite
Jake   (07.26.15)
Nazi sympathizers and collaborators like you carry an eternal guilt for the murder of 6 million Jews that will never be washed away. Beam that one up where the sun don't shine.
15. #12 split, the question is, where are you right?
Jake   (07.26.15)
Jewish organizations are huge donors to charitble causes, not recipients of "tax free" whatever. The top ten Jewish philanthropists in the United States are donors to national (non-Jewish) charitable causes and foundations, NOT Jewish ones. What have you done by way of philanthropic activity, and come to think of it, what actually have you ever done for "your" country?
16. Jake @ 15 ,...
split   (07.26.15)
Google and read ,... '26 Billion Bucks: The Jewish Charity Industry Uncovered" "Jewish Charities Grow Huge on Cash From Government — Donors Give to Israel" Call me when you're done I have more and will be happy to share with your hasbara crap peddlers ,...
17. #16 Waiting for you to answer Jake
Benji ,   US   (07.26.15)
What have you ever done for "your" country? Please highlight your accomplishments. Make us proud.
18. #17 ,...
split   (07.27.15)
I'm not Jewish I don't run my mouth and brag what I have done for my country or anyone or didn't it's your specialty and trademark ,... Here's one for you, google 'Israel ranks low in international giving' ,... ... but as long as you're good on bragging ... ;) ,...
19. Jake @ 15 ,..,
split   (07.27.15)
"The top ten Jewish philanthropists in the United States are donors to national (non-Jewish) charitable causes and foundations, NOT Jewish ones" Name them and those foundations.
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