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Between a rock and a hard place: Yazidi refugees
The Media Line
Published: 21.07.15, 23:42
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1. Turkey no escape from Genocide for Jews
Zechariah   (07.22.15)
So as the Nazis were worse than the Polish Catholics who were terrible so the Modernizing Turks of Atarkuk were worse than the Ottoman sultans who were bad enough . WW2 history of Turkey that was close to Eastern Europe was horrific the Struma is an example November 1941-not even seventy children out of seven hundred that the British Consul wanted to give permits to Mandated Palestine were allowed to land . Lord Moyne Colonial Secretary was furious with the British consul for allowing even this . Not an accident the Zigheils of the 'Royal'Family .
2. BDS Turkey right now! Send flotilla there to help Yazidis!
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.22.15)
3. Ablebodied Yazidic men could/should be trained and armed and
me ,   here   (07.22.15)
join the fight against IS. It's no time to play the victim here. Stand up and fight!
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