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Israel, a water superpower, is helping California fight drought
Ilana Curiel
Published: 23.07.15, 14:39
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1. FB Real BS News
Benji ,   US   (07.25.15)
How about some Palestinian water technology so they conserve water instead of waste it while your flapping lips support them. Palestinians share responsibility for water and they don't do their share. In fact, Gaza families average 5-6 children. They exhaust water resources and demonstrate absolutely no effort to conserve water. Take your complaints to the Hamas Water Waste Department. Then say thank you to Israeli technology as Israel can help California with a serious problem that impacts Californians and the US food chain.
2. Another way to help California is to kick the EPA out
Rivkah   (07.25.15)
of the State and their satanic edicts such as dumping fresh water from mountains into the Pacific Ocean at Sacramento to protect a minnow, letting the farmers and ranchers go broke and the land back to desert and the people in some Central Valley towns and cities having to put trucked in water into water tanks in each yard and for each business. What insanity. Time to abolish the EPA, the IRS, the Education Department at the federal level, the TSA, the BATF, Homeland Security and FEMA, and a host of other federal agencies that oppress the people and businesses and do little to help even in disasters.
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