From a small Jerusalem flat to the world's largest generic company
Gad Lior
Published: 30.07.15, 12:09
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1. Nu so your dad didnt buy the shares,but made success anyway
Alan ,   SA   (07.30.15)
2. Although Teva has great success and income, I believe
miriam ,   israel   (07.30.15)
shareholders do not reap too much. I wonder why that is the case.
3. well done
mike north ,   karmiel israel   (07.30.15)
As a pharmacist I am very proud to recommend Teva products-excellent quality and marketing-leader of genericpharmaceuticals. Wishing them added success and let us see whether the hypocrites BDS will decide to give up on medication made in Israel and DIE
4. BDS and Teva
Marty ,   Toronto Canada   (07.30.15)
I wonder how many BDS supporters are prescribed Teva products and take them without even realizing they are supporting an Israeli company.
5. 1 in every 7
Claude ,   UK and Cape Town   (07.30.15)
Prescriptions by UK NHS is for a Teva product or other IL pharmaceutical.
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