Palestinian baby dies in 'price tag' arson attack
Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun, Itay Blumenthal
Published: 31.07.15, 09:52
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1. Just a matter of time before they started murdering people
Miri   (07.31.15)
These religious right wing fanatics are now murdering babies. It was just a matter of time for this to happen. Murdering innocent children to promote their nationalistic right wing religious exremism. Tottaly sick people who are not fit to live amongst us. Hope they catch them and make them pay. They are the true enemies of the state of israel, along with the harideem stabbing innocent youth on the streets of our capital.
2. Right wing religious baby killers
Adi   (07.31.15)
They are a stain on the Jewish mation. They should be declared terrorists and when found, which they will be, they should be given a death sentence
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (07.31.15)
The settlers and the extreme mullahs of Israel are driving this land to another war while they don't contribute a dime to the country and have no royalty to anything. Can we blame the PALIS for killing of the settlers anymore? No! The price will be paid and another innocent person is going to die for this disgusting crime. BIBI needs to stop the settlers at all costs.
4. murder of innocents, especially babies, is unacceptable
CJK   (07.31.15)
those who committed this heinous crime must be caught, charged and convicted for life . if the perpetrators were jewish, as seems the case, they have violated all jewish values as given to us by the most holy one. the hashem will punish them according to his laws and wisdom. hilul hashem is a particularly grevious sin. they will pay in the present world and in the world to come. for those who call for vengaence, it must be reminded that vengence belongs to the most holy one, creator of the universe.
5. Arabs need no despicable acts like this to declare "rage",
they "rage" on a daily basis. It's Islam, stupid. Well, now we need to give them at least 3/4 of Jerusalem, no? BTW: Jewish Idiots, stop this behavior. It's unfitting the civilized beings we aspire to be. Leave it to others: to act out their lowest instincts.
6. BTW:How do they know it was "Palestinian" and not "Arab"?
7. The Hebrew graffiti could've been painted by Arab occupiers
Yosef Ben Zion   (07.31.15)
It amazes me how quick the Israeli authorities are ready to accuse Jews with no proof whatsoever, yet when Arabs kill Jews and severely injure them they desperately try to cover up the acts of terror with the title of criminal. If it wouldn't be so predictable now and so sad, it would be a comedy.
8. Did ynet condemn the Arabs' killing the Fogel family
Choni Eureka   (07.31.15)
when their' throats were cut INCLUDING a tiny baby, as well as the thousands of Israeli children INCLUDING babies murdered in buses, discotheques, parks, shopping centers, etc.?
9. #7 ....and the rockets 'from' Gaza are....
Robert ,   Australia   (07.31.15)
....really fired by Jews from Israel.
10. Nothing to show that the perps were Jews...nothing
Al   (07.31.15)
The Arabs kill their own all the time and pin the blame on the Jews. They kill Jews each and every day and I dont see the PM getting all twisted about it. Show me proof!
11. The Prophet Zephaniah in Scriptures warns haShem will kill
Rivkah   (07.31.15)
ALL the Palestinians in Gaza (called Philistines) in the latter days of Gentile world rule. The Philistines in the West Bank will have their anti-Christ ruler who will lead them to destruction and death, too. Palestinians should migrate to other Arabic speaking nations is they want to escape the wrath of haShem.
12. baby dies in price tag arson attack
Yoel ,   Israel   (07.31.15)
My heartfelt condolences to the parents of this pretty baby- the attackers should be shot & killed, no mercy - they are not human.
13. Jewish or not they are cold blooded murders.
DOV ,   USA   (07.31.15)
14. palistinian baby
Avi muijderman ,   prague czech republi   (07.31.15)
As a Jew I am highly embarrassed by this act of senseless violence. First the stabbing and now this and it becomes very hard not to compare those righteous self proclaimed people of the book with ISIS or any other terrorists.Shame,shame,shame.
15. innacurate headline, no evidence of "price tag"
brenrod   (08.01.15)
anyone can scrawl jewish and hebrew symbols on a wall Is the author a beleiver in lynch mob justice?
16. #11, Rivkah, Your talkback is disgusting! Have you
Runner1983 ,   USA   (08.01.15)
no humanity? Israel was never invisioned the way it has become. Don't you see what is happening to you?
17. How did they know the Jews did it?
Mara Ranian ,   USA   (08.02.15)
One article mentioned about Molotov cocktails, the only people I know who use Molotov cocktails are the Palestinians! How could a criminal wanted to give himself away by writing some on the wall with Star of David and writing, Long Live the Messiah! Some Jews don't believe that the true Messiah has come already!
18. Bottom line
Meir ,   Israel   (08.03.15)
Everyone, Jew and Arab are upset by the death of this baby. The facts now: we don't know who are the perpetrators. So most of what everyone is writing is speculation. Save your writing till the time when suspects have been caught. Another fact: the entire country of Israel is grieved by this murder and attempted murder because it ia Jewish principle to value all life regardless of ethnic origin. However when a Jew is murdered in a terrorist attack, there is official celebration in Gaza (Hamas). Why? Many of the writers to this article betray themselves, being much less than objective regarding their unwarranted attacks on Israel and the people of Israel.
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