Clashes in West Bank following death of Palestinian baby, teen
Elior Levy, Itay Blumental
Published: 01.08.15, 19:19
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1. The truth br told
JRS   (08.01.15)
Around 130 AD the Romans expelled the Jews. In reality most of the jews stayed, elected to convert and where assimilated into the indigenous populations (today’s Palestinians). Meanwhile the jews that left continued to practice judaism in their host country. However over hundreds of years they married with the host populations and converted many (ie Kazars). In short, after 200+ generations of assimilation, mixed marriages they were no longer genetically jews, but Europeans who happen to practice Judaism.. Jews by religion! Much like the Peruvians natives can be Christian , however they can't claim a genetic link to the Spanish crown. European jews have no connection with the original Hebrews.
2. We have met the real Amalek and we are him!
miki ,   tampa   (08.01.15)
3. Amalek
A v ,   London UK   (08.01.15)
By your lies you are the real Amalek
4. For the Israeli Lunatic Left this is God sent!
5. israel and haredi leaders
mohson   (08.02.15)
since peres and herzog's oslo, 10,000 israelis have been killed andinjured with anemic response except for sharon and y alon's clean out of west bank.Israelis have stood around and watched as peres, barak, olmert and livni, and bibi to a lesser degree did not do much but offer concessions. At the same time, haredi leaders continue with their nauseating program of not developing normal humans in torah. They study and that is sports, no physical development, no vocational development so they are stunted.\ no wonder they are easy pickings for extremists who have no business targeting innocent arabs. \there are plenty of other ways to defend the state and make your views known.\why not be part of settlement guard. \\\\\doing the bad deed is exactly what arabs do by the thousands, moloto e, ball bearings with nails, arson against people but the state forests, antitanks, kuntar sledgehammers babies and brags about it. \so abbas protests and bibi's guilty feelings make no impact on me. \recent events of the high court, the idf push against protesters triggered the extremism, don't kid yourselves. \yaalon had no business using a heabvy hand. \in fact, yaalon, a good soldier, \i don't know what the hell is wrong with him since he hooked up with bibi. As for herzog,arabs can only wish this weakling were israeli pm.
6. to JRS @ 1
BJ ,   Israel/US   (08.02.15)
What the heck' are you trying to advertise on this board, JRS..? How does it agree with you, that the Muslims of today, are somehow converted Jews...??!! Are you rewriting history or just loosing your mind...For 3 Thousands years, We know who We are and where are we coming from...And because we are a Nation of the "Book", we know exactly were we are coming from and where we are going... European Jews do have a huge connection to Judaism for 3000 years.. You are a pathetic fraud and shameless manipulator ..
7. #1 JRS
lucifer69   (08.02.15)
You are a prick for repeating this stupid old propaganda of elders of Zion. The khazar story is a hoax.
8. DPORT the Arab squatters from Jewish soil !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.02.15)
9. Will the left media have the courage to announce the name
of the Arab who burnt the house down?
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