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Netanya: Israel's French capital
Associated Press
Published: 01.08.15, 14:11
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1. Can't think of anything better
Gil ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.01.15)
Than a French city in Israel - if they can bring along their cuisine and caliber of restaurant I will be forever grateful. However, Netanya is largely a junkheap and needs massive work by the city to make it resemble Nice in any way. Every time we drive down kvish hahof we chuckle at the sign that says "Israel's Riviera" - branding something doesn't make it so.
maurice clebert ,   israel   (08.01.15)
this article looks like a joke...natanya looks like nice? make me laugh!!! no culture, no architecture AT ALL, no entertainment places, no infrastructure, no tram, no culture, almost no history, yes you have a lot of french speaking people (in fact only in the town center, because on other parts of the city, it is more like a soviet goulag), but that is almost the only thing this city has to share with Nice.
3. Great, they can have that city all for themselves, thank you
4. Has the writer even been to Nice? NOTHING like France.
David ,   Nice   (08.01.15)
There was a Ynet article a few months ago comparing Tel Aviv to Monaco. Yeah right...
5. as a French who immigrated to Israel
French Jew ,   Israel   (08.01.15)
10 years ago, I will never ever set a single foot in Netanya !!!! No way I'm going to mingle with those people. French Jews are mostly Moroccan. They're noisy, communitarian, lousy and stupid. No one like them in France nor in Israel. They can stay in their French "bubble" for as much as they want. And as someone who was born and grew up in Nice, Netanya has nothing in common with the most Italian city of France.
6. If you left France (or any other country) due to ...
leo ,   usa   (08.01.15)
antisemitism, then why would you want to have France (or any other country) in Israel. . I think many worry over nothing, their progeny will not feel very "frenchy" anyway.
7. #5 Why ?
Jacques ,   FR   (08.02.15)
Why when a bomb detonates does it always take the wrong ones?
8. Ynet please remove post #5
Jerome ,   AKL   (08.02.15)
It is highly selective, offensive and racist.
9. Netanya
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (08.03.15)
My mother sent me a beautiful wool throw made by blind girls from Netanya. I'm amazed no one said a word on their behalf or, their ability to make hand made items of great beauty and, they EARN their keep. G-d bless them all. They are Jewish girls not from France and they add beauty to our lives. KEEP BUILDING AND SUPPORT JEWS!!
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