Anti-violence rallies throughout Israel after acts of nationalist, homophobic terrorism
Noam 'Dabul' Dvir, Roi Yanovsky, Ahiya Raved, Gilad Morag
Published: 01.08.15, 21:14
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1. Shimon&Rivlin: what a sad pair of bloodless, trembling Jews!
2. The national day of atonement.....
tiki ,   belgium   (08.01.15)
Jom Kippur is only next month but it seems that the hole state of Israel has gone completely over the top in their outburst of disgust over a few religious wacko's who have to be found, tried and if guilty put in jail for murder. That's it! This national outburst of "guilt" shown by the Israeli PM, President & the rest of the political establishment is grist to the mills of the Europeans, the Palestinian's (who don't need any encouragement to riot anyway) and the rest of the western & Arab hypocrites. Let's not forget the reactions of these usual suspects when innocent Israeli's are murdered by not so innocent Palestinians . This will put some perspective on the issue.
3. Where was Netanyahu?
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ USA   (08.01.15)
The President of Israel and former President and leaders of the opposition attended the rally but Netanyahu sent a video? That's what the coward Nasrallah does from the Iranian embassy in Beirut when he makes an announcement. Netanyahu, just like he did before Yitzchak Rabin was murdered, has fanned the flames of hatred again. The right wing will continue their hateful acts unless the Israeli people choose a different government. Netanyahu is taking Israel into the abyss. I hope it's not too late to save the country so many people love.
4.  politicians
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.02.15)
The politicians jabber away with their political correctness, but do absolutely nothing to stop the bloodshed deriving from their irresponsible policies
5. Right wing baby killers have gone to far
Lior   (08.02.15)
The right wing and the ultra orthdaox have gone to far this time, spreading their so called morality in the name of religion, which now includes burning a baby to death, and attempting to murder 6 young adults in broad day light because they are gay. These people are a Jewish ISIS and must be treated as such.
6. @#3 - Netanyahu was visiting the wounded family.
jrebecca ,   Modiin   (08.02.15)
7. That's the difference between Jews and Arabs:
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.01.15)
Jews are sickened, disgusted, and ashamed that another Jew did such a thing to another person. Arabs, on the other hand, applaud such terrorist activities by their own and distribute candy and cakes! That's the difference between civilized people and savages. Let's see if the world gasps in horror and disgust the next time some Israeli is killed by an Arab. (Hint: it won't happen. The Obama spokesidiot won't say anything, the Sec of the UN won't say anything, nobody will say anything. Why? Because a Jew was killed by an Arab, not the other way around.) It's the mideast version of 'Black Lives Matter.' Only in this case, it's 'Muslim Lives Matter.' Which is an oxymoron considering that Muslims are slaughtering Muslims at such a clip that we can't even count the dead bodies they're piling up so fast. Some jackass Jews kill a random Arab family. That's a tragedy. But the responses from the world leaders? You'd think Mecca was bombed! But Muslim terrorists have been stabbing, shooting, butchering, driving over, kidnapping and dismembering, firebombing, exploding bombs on Jews for decades and the world quietly yawns. More dead Jews at the hands of Muslims? Yawn.... been there...nothing new, as usual.
8. Everyone are against terrorism and bloodshed..
Beary White ,   Norway   (08.02.15)
.. That should be quite clear for everyone. So, why demonstrate?? Just to gain some voters for the next election?? Why make a speech, more voters or feeling guilt? Norwegian newspapers do seldom make truthful reports when terrorists from their friends in hamas or hezbolla do deadly terror-actions when jewish civilians are killed (ref Itamar massacre), so why make some additional outcry now? The islamic playground in Syria/Irak have so far killed 350 000 people, then start crying for those.. if non-islamic people also have been murdered...
9. self-flagallation will not solve the problem
C   (08.02.15)
1 shin bet needs to do more to infiltrate extremist circles. 2 extremists rabbis need to be told that they must stop all incitement of their students. 3 constant arab attacks and incitements against jews must be countered by the idf and police as well as political leaders. 4 the left must stop its inncitement against the prime minister. 5 the obama regime and the europeans must stop incitements against the jewish state.
10. 3 MJK, read the article
C   (08.02.15)
netanyahu made a recording in which he unreservedly condemned this atrocious violence against innocent civilians. he will not risk his life by attending public rallies in which he is demonised.
11. just an opinion...
Doña Adler   (08.02.15)
The Israeli Government demolished two Jewish buildings in Beit El and then Netanyahu rethorical speech as usual saying he will build 300 new houses in Beit El. - Why you dont critize that too Mrs Zehava Gal on? Netanyahu pleased the left by provoking Beit El settlers and now they tun to Rabin Square to protest the government inhumanity.- Ps: i really hope the Palestinian Government takes the case to the international Court. Theres no justification for cruelty and inhumanity behavior doesnt matter what religion you follow. Im very disaappointed by the Israeli Prime Minister double standards.
12. #1, are you a "settler", killer's friend ?
Z.Lackow ,   israel   (08.02.15)
13. #3, YES, RightWing under nYahuu planted the SEEDS of NAZI atmosphere in israel
Z.Lackow ,   israel   (08.02.15)
If this atmosphere continues, the fate of israel as jewish state will be over. Already young israelis leaving israel in thousands. For now they are leaving because of crazy housing prices. Many just can't continue living here because of constant stress from many other sources. This is not israel what jews of america and canada loved 40..50 yrs ago. Israel today is entirely different. Construction doesn't stop, it's on every corner. Every available piece of land is used to build expensive apartments. Construction companies are even manage to get pieces from tiny parks in every city. All of Tel Aviv stinks from cats, from dog crap whose owners don't care to pick up. Terrible pollution from millions of diesel cars, vans, minivans, buses. Crazy bus drivers who don't drive normal way like in Toronto or Berlin. They're like on a race track, competing with each other. Americans should stop supporting israel, unless it changes its direction.
14. The shameful paraders are equally guilty of the stabbing &
David J ,   Tel Aviv   (08.01.15)
so is the government. If they don't respect the people (living there) and authorize such parades to pass through the holiest city and defile it, how should anyone respect them? How dare Rivlin blame Jews for the death of the Arab, when it's more likely than not, that it was Arabs themselves who did it? The left media and left politicians are destroying the country and should go back to Galut.
15. Stop abomination and the stabbing will stop. Your own fault!
Why force your immorality down throats of moral upstanding Jews?
16. Ben Trunch Fbook
Doña Adler   (08.02.15)
If Tel Aviv incites against settlements you will have a civil war, jews from tel aviv just knows about maniac parades, pubs and nightclubs, why you dont suggest the government to give Tel Aviv to the Palestinians? Tel Avivcould be very happy under palestinian authority. Settlements will reach independence with american and european help, and the United Nations Org. could send troups to keep order and peace if Palestinans and Israelis dont make peace. Behave everybody!!
17. need cool heads now
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (08.02.15)
rule 1: don't provoke rule 2: don't provoke rule 3: even if you are certain that you are right, just shut up and go some where else. No fight happened when some one walked away.
18. Shame
Wiz ,   Canada   (08.03.15)
Shame on the people of Israel for justifying these horrific facts. Let your god love down for a minute and be ashamed of yourself for justifying terrorism. People here are saying that Tel Aviv should be part of palestine because they want peace instead of having a civil war. WOW talk about lunatics. For the rest of the Israelis and Pals that want peace and love, we are with you here in Canada
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