Can Jewish refugees claim billions from Arab states?
Dr. Adam Reuter
Published: 03.08.15, 10:17
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1. ? for Dr. Reuter
Daddyo ,   Penllyn, USA   (08.03.15)
If the EU can bail out Greece with 100s of billions of $, why can`t it supply the $20 billion to compensate the Mizrahis?
2. Clear Palestinians could have be resettled
Zika   (08.03.15)
Not only could the Palestinians been resettled but the Arab states that declared war on Israel and fought against the Partition Plan 1947 had a duty to allow the Palestinians to go from the impoverished refugee sanctuaries which were breeding sites for hatred of Jews to these areas and be productive .
3. Why can't Qatar or Saudi Arabia?
Avi L.   (08.03.15)
4. they should return to their homes
123/sf ,   palestine   (08.03.15)
they should return to their homes, as well as palestinians.
5. THE JEWISH RIGHT OF RETURN: more Real thanthe make believers
Jew 6 pack ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (08.03.15)
What about all the populations of Jewish people the arabs arrested in the 30's and 40's and turned over to the nazis ovens? Plus the other arab expulsions of Jews in the 50's? about 4 million dead Jewish people call out from their graves " NO ARAB RIGHT OF RETURN EXISTS!"
6. Yez, yez, it can be done...
Beary White ,   Norway   (08.03.15)
The Islamic countries owes MILLIONS of money to the jewish refugees. There should be no problem, since those specific countries were not at war with the newborn Israel, and the confiscated properties and values were an serious illegal action. This situation cannot be compared with the muslims who left the Israeli soil since they were commanded from their arab neighbors to leave..
7. Refugee compensation
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (08.03.15)
The Jewish refugees have forfeited all claim to compensation for their emigration from Arab countries because of the establishment of the illicit Zionist state called "Israel". Thus, this matter is moot. The Palestinian refugees, by contrast, do have a most legitimate gripe that must be redressed, mostly by reversal of the act of May 15, 1948.
8. not doubting, however...
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (08.03.15)
I am sure that many of these claims can in fact be proven with the documentation provided by the actual owners. I haven't a doubt that some of the Mizrachi Jews were in fact very wealthy people. However, I am sure that like me, Dr. Reuter is more than just familiar with the stories that many of the Mizrachi Jews brought with them. These stories are no different than the stories that the Ashkenazi Jews brought with them to America. These stories go on and on about fabulous theaters with golden chairs, swimming pools in huge mansions etc etc ... These stories were the way in which our ancestors shielded and protected us children from the cruel reality of our immigrant status and rock bottom poverty. So I without proper documentation all that Dr. Reuter is stating here is part of those fairy tale stories about fabulous wealth we have all heard since our childhood. On another note: Why should the State of Israel benefit from this money? Surely this money if returned should go to the descendants of the original few wealthy Jews.
9. To the number 7 above
Massoud Levi ,   Los Angeles, Ca.   (08.03.15)
Very typical Arab thinking. They own everything and everyone. Now this creature is waiting the reversal of 1948 decision, and wants to return and own Tel-Aviv and the rest of Israel. Keep wishing, but don't hold ur breath, u will choke to death waiting. Go get a life, it is better for everyone.
10. #1 Greece?
Carol ,   NYC   (08.03.15)
EU hasn't given a dime to Greece. They have rescued the Banking Cartel, meaning your leaders.
11. #7 Jewish refugess more deserving
Benji ,   US   (08.03.15)
Jewish refugees left Arab lands due to persecution and all 850,000 of them did not go to Israel. Where they went or the establishment of Israel is irrelevant. In fact, many Jewish refugees left Arab/Muslim countries prior to 1948. Jewish refugees have since been integrated in counties all over the world but their claim for compensation is legitimate. In the other hand, Arabs left on their own after starting a war they lost. To this day, refugee camps exist as a propaganda tool. The Arab world could easily absorb them as they were responsible for starting the war.
12. @ #4 - 123/sf
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.04.15)
"they should return to their homes" Unlike the Palestinians, Jews attempting to return to the countries their parents/grandparents were expelled from would face death. I suppose that's your solution to the "Jewish Question". The only problem is that you're advocating mass murder.
13. #7 Oilish Antisemite decides for Jews from Arab countries?
EgyptianJew ,   Ex. Cairo, Egypt   (08.05.15)
So you a Polish Antisemite from the USA will decide that Jewish refugees from Arab countries have no claims but Palestinians do. Laughable.
14. xx
Marek Toll ,   Grug   (08.07.15)
@4 The only people who called themselfs Palestinians before the late 60s where JEWS. Than everybody who lived 2 years in so called Palestine was called a Palestinian refugee. So when i live 2 years in India im an Indian and my children too?
15. Egypt did it and Coca-Cola USA took advantage of it
GISELE BIGIO ,   Canada   (08.17.15)
Egypt did it ,and how about the Coca-Cola Company of the United States of America that is still exploiting these properties and has refused any compensation to a Jewish Family !! They are too to be blamed.
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