Senior American official: If Iran attacks Israel, US will protect it
Itamar Eichner, Roi Kais
Published: 04.08.15, 00:25
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1. Caption to George Washington in picture."Whats he doing to
Alan ,   SA   (08.04.15)
our United States?"
2. Remember Pres Bush letter,closing of BG airport,suspension
Alan ,   SA   (08.04.15)
of missiles in middle of Gaza War
3. Obama gov't word means nothing
Shep Fargotstein ,   United States   (08.04.15)
Israel can never rely on anyone else for security - and definetly NOT trust any country associated with the current Iran deal. Israel was sold out for oil money, simple as that.
4. F-35 fighter jet: only for Israel??
Robert ,   Australia   (08.04.15)
Australia already has F35's and many more are ordered.
5. Only Israel can and will protect Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.04.15)
Nothing would be dumber than relying on the Obama regime. Only Israel can and will protect Israel. It would be the end of Israel, as the Jewish Homeland, to rely on foreign protection.
6. Have you heard what happens if vice versa?
US citizen ,   US   (08.04.15)
As part of the agreement, the P5+1 agree to defend Iran's nuclear facilities. Good thing Israel has an ally who is greater and more powerful than all mere humans.
7. Correction an UNNAMED 'Official"
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (08.04.15)
sort of like a bastard at a wedding, no one knows or recognizes the bastard. KEEP BUILDING !!
8. # 2 Alan get your facts straight that was obama not Bush!
damn your dumber than a brick. KEEP BUILDING !!!
9. Alan ?? You meant obama, right?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (08.04.15)
Not only confused your in great error it was obama not Bush. LOVE BUILDING JEWISH ISRAEL DON'T YOU???
10. #8+9. I refered to the letter Bush wrote to Sharon and which
Alan ,   SA   (08.04.15)
Obama said he did not accept the validity of such a letter. What are YOU talking about? I know what I am talking about.
11. "If Iran attacks Israel, US will protect it"
c   (08.04.15)
the obama regime will protect israel just as it has protected the civilians in syria against assad's genocide; the yadizis and the christians against murder, rape torture and ethnic cleansinc in iraq and syria; the way it has protected the syrians against chemical weapons. the obama regime has never protected anyone against murderous hordes, not even the iranian civilians who were peacefully protesting against the murderous thugs of the ayatollah.
12. We have no one to trust except for our Father in Heaven!!!
Deborah ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.04.15)
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