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Haredi men order woman to move to back of bus
Itzchak Tessler
Published: 05.08.15, 22:31
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1. Haredim Retrogressive
Zechariah   (08.06.15)
Although it fits their world view of the dangers of extramarital sexual encounters the mechitza and so forth they ought get their own bus line . Egged is a Palmach Mapai bus line and they believe in Security by Military Power not exclusively Prayers . The Haredim ought enlist in Cyberwarfare units and have basic training in arms . This is a horrific lesson from the Shoah .
2. Something fishy about this story
Not Hareidi ,   New York City   (08.05.15)
Sounds like this was a fight over the fact that Anna Schulkin was taking up two seats, one for herself and one for her bags on a bus which she admits had no empty seats. According to the story as told in this article, a Hareidi man actually wanted to sit next to her but could not because she had her bags on the seat. To add insult to injru, she then has the gall to make up the whole story about being asked to back by a Hareidi boy. While I am neither Hareidi nor Orthodox, this story sounds very fishy.
3. terrible behavior is unusual
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.15)
I live in Ramot and ride the 36 almost every day. I have seen women sit where they please and never (since the bus stopped being mehedrin) have I seen a woman told to move. I have seen men get up and leave if a woman sits next to them but I don't think anything wrong with that. This poor woman should have noted the drivers number or bus number with her camera and made a complaint to Egged. This is not proper behavior for any adult, and a teenager should have been shut up.
4. Dare to do it to my mother
Jaques ,   FR   (08.06.15)
A- she can defend herself referring you back to the hole you came from. B- you'll get a visit from one of my brothers and it won't be a picnic.
5. What a Shame!
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (08.05.15)
That is very disgusting, Israeli brothers and sisters. Stupid and fanatical men, so called religious, obliging a Lady, to get off a bus! Of course, her titles don't care. What really does is male oppression over women, shared by "Haredi". They also forget the important female role in the wars, mainly in 1967'Six Days. As a friend of yours, I think those radicals deserve hard punishment. They blame Democracy and violate principles written in Israel's Basic Law.
6. Haredim (and settlers) are our disaster
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (08.06.15)
they harm Judaism and defacto, are an evil and parasitic Jewish sect.
7. Derech Eretz Kadma Latorah!
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (08.06.15)
8. When will this Haredi bunch respect fellow human beings?
I think some Haredim have lost the principle of respect of fellow man which includes women. If this state is going to survive then some Haredim are going to have to learn the hard way that they respect equality of individuals or they go to jail for breaking the law. Simple.
9. Haredim treatment of women
s.weisz ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.06.15)
I am so disappointed in Israel. The power allowed to the ultra religious is shameful. I refuse to allow haredi men to tell me where to sit on a bus or airplane, what to wear or where to pray, so why would I visit a country that allows this behavior? Soon it will be difficult to tell the difference between women's rights in Israel and under extremist Islam. After many visits with my husband and children, we have decided we will not go back. It is so sad that Israel has bowed to their twisted beliefs. Is this really what the Torah teaches?
10. Slap
USA   (08.06.15)
Can one slpa some commonsense into a misbehaving Haredi man?
11. The woman needs to go to a doctor and ask to be injected
Rivkah   (08.06.15)
with 100mg of testosterone so she will feel what males feel. She will feel rage and aggression and a carnal sexuality that is barely controllable. Then she will have an understanding of what males try to cope with every day unless they eat soy and have a lot of plasticizers in their body and pesticides which are all estrogenic in structure. It is very difficult to be a male, much more so a man. Only one in a 1000 males is worthy of the name man King Solomon said. Any woman who came into the presence of US President Abraham Lincoln was in danger of being molested because he was so powerful that the sensuality of the power afflicted him so terribly he could hardly keep his hands from grabbing the breasts of any woman who came near him. King David was similarly afflicted and succumbed to temptation with Bathsheba which caused Satan to attack his family horrifically, having lost the hedge of protection from Elohim some call the lost cord. Singer Leonard Cohen sings the song of David's lost chord and if the woman will listen to the words, she will weep with him and with all men who are not wise to be separate from temptation who fall and suffer the consequences.
12. Since religion was (is) invented by men it only makes sense!
13. The court agreement was that haredi buses may be segregated
Anonymous   (08.05.15)
If Egged changed the policy, they should stop their monopoly over the buses and allow haredim to have their own private buses.
14. Why is Israel Letzler the only tolerant person on Facebook?
Dolly   (08.06.15)
I hope the rest of them don't live in the Jewish country because they're too racists and bigoted to live in a holy land. Israel has enough of these extreme secular racists who hate anything Jewish and love to live lawlessly and corruptly.
15. Zealots not "radical elements"
Thessalonian ,   Canada   (08.06.15)
16. she took up MORE than one seat
rachel ,   here   (08.07.15)
when it was a crowded bus. "grabbed her bags from the adjacent seat and threatened to throw them on the floor". I have rode thus bus as a woman. I have had no trouble in the front. But I also did not take up a whole seat with my shopping on a crowded bus on a hot day. JUST SAYIN'.
17. Prosecute everybody !
Avi L.   (08.07.15)
18. unusual behavior
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (08.07.15)
I ride the former 'kosher' buses quite a bit. I have never seen a women forced to move or 'put upon' on any bus in Jerusalem. This is indeed a rare act that is over very poor behavior but I assure Ynet readers that this rarely happens.
19. @ #2 - Not Haredi
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.07.15)
Did you miss the part where w=she sat down next to a young man, who immediately got up and told her to move to the back of the bus?
20. Haredi Behavior/Israeli behavior
Jake ,   haifa   (08.07.15)
The Haredi, like most Israelis, do not know how to act in crowded situations and are rude and overly aggressive. The difference between them and other Israelis, is only that the other Israelis don't pretend that G-d has told them to act this way.
21. #13 Anonymous
Df2 ,   Israel   (08.07.15)
You are 2007, an appeal against the "mehadrin" lines was filed with Bagatz. As a result, the transportation minister appointed a committee to review the issue and in 2009 the committee submitted its conclusions and its recommendations. In 2010, one year after the committee's report, the minister adopted the recommendations - in their entirety. Bagatz ruled that they would not intgerfere with the adoption of the therecommendations. However, where they allowed the rule of women getting on through the rear door, Bagats ruled that forced separation of men and women on "mehadrin" lines is not legal and that harrassment of passengers vis a vis mehadrin issues, such as women's dreess, is liable to be a criminal offense. Bagatz also required Egged to publish in the charedi newspapers and signs on buses saying : Every passenger has the right to sit anywhere that he/she choses (except seats reserved for disabled people). Harassment of a passenger related to this issue is liable to be a criminal offense." See Bagatz 746/07 - Naomi Regan and others vs. Transportation Ministry and Others.
22. #11:Whatever that Rivkah is she's unbeatable: keep'em coming
23. to #11
iselin ,   oslo   (08.07.15)
Please tell me the source of your information about President Lincoln.
24. to #11
iselin ,   oslo   (08.07.15)
After reading your comment about President Lincoln's alleged debauchery, I have read quite about him online. Nothing about being unable to keep his hands from grabbing women's breasts, however, there was historical material that points to possible homosexual leanings. This, however, does not fit your agenda, Rivkah. I suggest finding factual evidence.
25. Dont laugh at islamist weve got haredist
Eric ,   France   (08.07.15)
Some people will tell you jewish religion Is different than islam but my inner Conviction is that all religion in the world when it put a finger in the politic The cancer begin we could be jewish And start up nation If the secular don t shut up the mouth Of this middle agers thinker it will be the end
26. Israel needs Rosa Parks & a civil rights movement against
Jew 6 pack ,   America is beautiful   (08.08.15)
Israel needs a Rosa Parks to sit in front of bus, & a civil rights movement against the greedy heredi to protect all citizens from these perpetual raging anti-women zealots...and an incorruptable police force WHO DON' LOOK THE OTHER WAY when these heredi savages attack those harmless defenseless women...who should carry sharpened pencils to poke out the heredi attackers eyes in civilian defense.
27. 1They wanted their own bus,but
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.08.15)
Eged was against.
28. Attention ! This lady noted that on
ORA ,   JERUSALEM,   (08.08.15)
next bus,she had no problem sitting near a Haredi man. Why jump on this one incident to blame all Haredim?
29. 23, 24 Iselin, Oslo: Abraham Lincoln SUPPRESSED the impulse
Rivkah   (08.08.15)
to grab the breasts of women like most other powerful leaders. President Bill Clinton, President Franklin Roosevelt, and President John F. Kennedy and many others were similarly afflicted. Politically and spiritually powerful people are often hyper-sexed because the sensuality/sexuality center of the brain is very close to the religious center. Lincoln's intense knowledge of Scriptures which ignited the religious center of the brain when often ignites the sensuality center which is close by. Look at all the children he had if you want a clue on how sexed he was, even with a wife he did not like, whom he married after failing to appear at the altar the first time they were to marry. His wife Mary was a shrew. I think it was Coast to Coast AM Radio that discussed a book about Lincoln's sexuality. Look up books recently published about Lincoln in the last ten years and you will likely find the reference. If you look at the darker side of most leaders you will find the Muslims often have boys they have as rape slaves. Even Prince Andrew and Prince Harry of Britain have been caught nude in sex scandals, some photographed. Power and hypersexuality often go together. That does not make Abraham Lincoln a bad person for suppressing sexual desires that afflicted him. It means he had a normal amount of testosterone that most males today do not have because of plasticizers in foods from plastic containers, soy that is estrogenic, pesticides in food that is estrogenic, etc. Most males today do not know what it is like to be a male as nature intended since they are so depleted in natural hormones to fit into the world that rewards effeminate males more than aggressive males.
30. Really?
I know they aren't popular and, I don't disagree however, they do settle the land and breed like rabbits. No, they don't harm Judaism they harm WOMEN!!! ( I'm waiting for some tough Jewish ladies to 'knock some sense into these small men)
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