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Rivlin in wake of threats: Political assassination possible
Attila Somfalvi, Moran Azulay
Published: 07.08.15, 10:21
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1. History moment Israel welcome soon Kuwait need you
Zaina Shehab ,   Kuwait   (08.07.15)
Shalom our allya wonderful friendship Israel with wonderful state Kuwait Beleave me it is true and seriouse chance golden time best history moment comeing now to Kuwait being here our allya wonderful partnership Israel inside Kuwait we need you help us Against Iran's telligence who support and cooporate Qaida orginization realy its true fact i swear it is not lie point Iran telligence and Qaida orginization two faces one carancy which is terorrism
2. Ynet...why do u use FB as your TB provider?
just saying ,   Israel   (08.07.15)
there are other better service providers for insuring TB quality control.
3. rivlin-you were appointed
alexi   (08.07.15)
do your ceremonial duties and that is it. Shiut up on anything else. peres abused his positio and his budget. It turns out that katzav did his job as required and nothing more aside from his legal problem. So shut up already. The iran deal stinks on verification and doesn't hold up and I could give 2 cents what the ignoramus herzog and livni say about it. Recallhow they said trust obama. Not looking so good now you rearenders. Lapid is totally finished and has no political future-zero.
4. you are a figure head. shut up. want to talk. quit. run for
ralph   (08.07.15)
or become ordinary citizen. otherwise who asked you. you represent no body except the government by accepting this position. shut up or quit. those are your only choices. until then i do not care nor want to hear what you think.
5. To President Rivlin - Pls do not be so brave ! Do not throw
miriam ,   israel   (08.07.15)
caution to the wind. Wear a bulletproof vest and do not take any unnecessary risks. It appears from Israel's latest news that there are many maniacs lurking out there !
6. salam alecum #1 from Kuwait
Doña Adler   (08.07.15)
Iran Nuclear Plants were built and located near tectonic plates; over 90% of the Iranian republic is frequently exposed to earthquakes. Im not joking, please search information through internet. Just in Tehran there are more than 12 million people.. Iran did not signed the Viena Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage. So? whats the problem ? well, analysts think Iran could reject responsabilities to international nuclear damages caused by the Iranian Nuclear plants in case of earthquakes, not to mention wars among arabs countries. The Bushehr nuclear plant for example could contaminate the Gulf waters with toxic materials like happened yesrs ago with Japan Fukushima nuclear capabilities. Believe me, i am a strong opponent of Nuclear reactors doesnt mstter if they are for weapons or simple energy. I believe the whole world can be more happy and safe for human beens and more healthy for the planet. Not just Kuwait could be exposed to Iranian Nuclear threats in the Gulf, also Bahrein, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia.. thank you ynet, shalom
7. The greatest living martyr
David   (08.07.15)
Why is he saying this to us? Clearly to make himself sound heroic principled. Also, to demonize his opponents. Why do people fall for the garbage politicians feed us?
8. What a demagogue.
Jay ,   Jaffa   (08.07.15)
9. Moral dilemma!!!
He has to leave politics to politicians and every comment to PM running the country because Palestinian baby that died today wasn't better than Israeli baby that died yesterday. He shouldn't forgot where he's coming from and he will not forget where he is going because G-d is real and the enemies too are real. To avoid traps of celebrity status with his office because real people have real issues not detachment from reality. Having said that in dilemma can best served by speaking in tongues. Just bablabla it to G-d that knows what still waiting ahead with evils.
10. Oy, a yenne "President" we have chosen for ourselves!
This is what happens when you put a "kleintchike" on a pedestal: urine rises to his head (as the saying goes). Now this clown acts "presidential", uttering imbecilic platitudes and totally unaware of the role he should play to HIS People, not the bloody diseased UN or Euro-dhimmies. Thick as a brick, this bloke is!
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