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Jewish supremacist: Burning churches legitimate under Jewish law
Itzchak Tessler, Kobi Nachsoni
Published: 06.08.15, 15:18
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1. In the good old days of the Church....
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.06.15)
.....they would have burned Gophstein at the stake, which sort of sounds reasonable
2. So 50 years it is then
Miri   (08.06.15)
what a sad individual consumed with hate for others, best place for him is under lock and key
3. This guy is what I call a Schmuck!
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (08.06.15)
4. We don't need extra haters in the Land
David ,   Haifa   (08.06.15)
With ISIS beheading Christians, for a Jew to make these remarks is such a stain and reproach to him. All hate like this is evil. The true God is not in the hate business.
5. Thanks for letting us know your true position.
idol worshiper   (08.06.15)
6. We, the Jewish People claim right to have our own idiots,
just like everyone else. We still are light years ahead of Crusades, Inquisitions, beheading and active persecution of "infidels". But...we may get there one day if we don't watch out.
7. Rhetorical and Semantic distortion
WB ,   Be'er Sheba Israel   (08.06.15)
Bentzi has never instructed anyone to carry out an illegal act. Compare him to Zoabi and Tibi, and an entire population that constantly calls for the destruction of Jewish life and the semi-Jewish State of Israel. The fact that the police have never been able to make a case against him should matter. But it doesn't. The so-called (but not really) Right Wing is always getting caught in these rhetorical traps. Unlike the hard-core Left, the 'Right' feels compelled to tell the truth... foolishly expecting that others will use their heads... and even more foolishly thinking that just because the Left and the Muslims have free speech, then everyone has free speech. It's hard to see what's going to come of all this... other than a lot of suffering and destroyed lives. I don't want to live in a religious or secular dictatorship... but right now it looks like the secular dictatorship is what's dominating this country that I longed to be part of for most of my life.
8. ...& fundamentalist Christians support him...
just saying ,   Israel   (08.06.15)
meaning that Mr. Gophstein has no problem taking Christian money to buy gas and other inflammable liquids to burn down their churches. (but then the fundamentalist Christians are happy to ignite the entire region they are looking for the Rapture/End of Days/Gog-MaGog war.)
9. Gopshtein is just another guy wearing a kippa
Howard K. ,   Israel   (08.07.15)
He doesn't seem to be claiming he's a rabbi or scholar. He just claims "to know." Maybe he's basing his ideas on rabbi kahana. Kahana has been dead for over 20 years, and no one knows for sure what he would have said about this. Gopshtein is just another messianic fool who thinks he understands Maimonides. Why ascribe any importance to what he says?
10. extreme right
Giorgio Coen ,   Rome,Italy   (08.07.15)
put him in jail for incitement nazi style
11. Check him out.
nibor ,   israel   (08.07.15)
I don't think he's really Jewish at all. . . No Jew talks like that. Even Maimonides who was and is revered by Jews and Gentiles would not talk like that. It is a deliberate misinterpetstion!
12. # 4 David read deuteronomy or Leviticus
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (08.10.15)
NO other religions were to try and make converts in the land of Jewish Israel.. if they did, they were stoned to death. ( both the one converting and the convert.) Religious wars are not pretty ISIS, Iran, Arabia or in Israel. The man has a point whether or not we agree with him. Read and then post, okay? KEEP BUILDING !!
13. # 1 In the good old days of the church
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (08.10.15)
they also murdered Jews... Today, the pope throws his support to the terrorists pals..... Birds of a feather... LOVE BUILDING JEWISH ISRAEL !!
14. Not only Christians
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (08.10.15)
Muslims have their own 'end of days' prophecy and it isn't pretty. And, don't Jews as well? Money is money green and many use it for political and religious gain.. Say obama for instance. KEEP BUILDING ISRAEL JEWISH ISRAEL !!!
15. The Title "Rabbi"
Joe ,   Israel   (08.12.15)
The title "Rabbi" has many connotations; it is not equivalent with "Torah scholar". The four denominations that confer the title do not demand the same Torah scholarship from their students. Even his colleagues in the Orthodox rabbinate would not consider Gopstein a prime scholar. Unfortunately, it is only the media who lend credence to his opinions regarding Rabbinic law.
16. seriously
Idolatry is prostitute that corrupt the world. So it's good to draw lines between religious beliefs. When pagan Nebuchadnezzar sent messengers to king of Israel, aftermath was destructions of the temple. So burning down churches can be done by violent pagans themselves like their father Nebuchadnezzar. Don't burn it and don't glorify it,,,, it's all done by the wicked ones. SHALOM!!!!! The true church has the son and the father seated in heavenly with royal authority to defend His name not to be blaspheme or confused with any other!!!
17. It's impossible for Israel
David ,   Australia   (08.17.15)
to come across to the world as decent or better morally then the Arab world when we have morons like this. It's people like this that are more damaging to Israel and its image in the world than Hamas and Palestinian issue
18. No different...
Alex ,   Amsterdam   (08.17.15)
No different from what Abu Bakr al Baghdadi from Islamic State says.... eery...
19. # 17 no, not really.
Besides Hamas, and the pals, there's now ISIS and Israel isn't guilty of beheading any one, deserving or not. Why can't Israel have a man with an opinion similar to the pals and Hamas? Israel wins these Israeli enemies always lose
20. LOL Funny no heads rolling in Israel baby.!!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (09.01.15)
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