Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Jewish terrorists are bad weeds in our own backyard
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 07.08.15, 23:33
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1. Disgusting Crime Cowardice not like Dismantling Miinefields
Zola   (08.08.15)
Sappers who Dismantle Mine Fields are brave as were the Soldiers the Infantry that fought in Gaza search and destroy tunnels with the danger of being ambushed killed or captured these are brave but throwing Flames on Undefended house low coward gutless criminals .
2. Netanyahu lit the fire and allows it to burn
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ USA   (08.08.15)
Netanayahu is like a bullfighter waving the flag in front of a bull and then when the bull charges someone and harms them he acts totally surprised. If you light a match and throw it into a dry forest chances are a fire will start. If you sit and watch it burn the brushfire can become an inferno. Netanyahu, by caving in repeatedly to the settlers and the far right religious has allowed the fire to burn and has no plans to seriously douse it. When it grows and appears unstoppable he will do his usual and act surprised that the fire he watched grow and did nothing to prevent or stop became a blazing conflagration that will engulf Israel.
3. Yet another day of YNET guilt-tripping I see
Cameron ,   USA   (08.08.15)
4. Interestingly, when Mendehl Beylis was accused...
Dan   (08.08.15)
... of a ritual murder of a child, prominent jews also demanded exemplary punishment to show the world that he is a lone criminal and a majority of the jews 'condemn his act'.
5. I guess in politics anything goes, so ugly as it is, we must
accept Left's exploitation of these sad incidents to its perceived advantage. Anyone with average IQ should arrive at proper conclusion by him/herself: the rest vote Buji/Meretz anyhow :-))
6. whose the actual bad weeds here?
נדב יאיר ,   ישראל   (08.08.15)
If one speaks of apart of Israel as bad weeds, its mainly because that's what the government creats by its hypocritical handling of the far right wing factors. Our goal's are legitimate, a Torah state besides Israel whodd only vudion is a duo state with the Arabs...not acceptable. We are a people of vision, a vision fit for all Jews.
7. IF the crime was comitted by jews.
1947   (08.08.15)
Israelis will find a way to justice it. The national mind set is "jews can do no wrong"
8. Weeds are flowers too.Depends how
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.08.15)
you use it. These boys who are ready to risk their life for their cause ,should be convinced in a sensitive and effective way, to fight against Israel's enemies ,legally,under the State;s rule These guys might be an asset to the IDF
9. Bad Weeds
Joe ,   West Bank   (08.08.15)
The only way to get rid of bad weeds is to deny them water. Pulling them out one by one is a futile task. Going after the adults who support and nurture them is more effective.
10. Ok, so long as you admit that it is OUR backyard
i ,   jerusalem   (08.08.15)
11. Yishai Shlissel = product of Israel violent secular schools
Ralph   (08.08.15)
Time for the government to admit that moral standards in secular schools is a disgrace.
12. There's no such thing as Jewish terrorists, unless you mean
R.P.   (08.08.15)
the Israeli police who arrest Jews, and only Jews, like savages terrorizing them without proof in the most barbaric manner.
13. "destruction of democracy" Israel's democracy is guilty
Fred ,   UK   (08.08.15)
Israel's democracy is that right-wingers and religious Jews are guilty until proven innocent. Israel is not a democratic state and never was.
14. ynet news
Ruth Keusch ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.09.15)
Your articles are wonderful. They are clear well written and we'll thought out. After reading quite a few this morning I felt that I had to write and express y feelings. Ruth Keusch dlouis.keusch43@gmail.com
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