Jewish Scene
Historic Torah scroll returning to Western Wall
Adva Cohen
Published: 09.08.15, 22:33
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1. Goren & Torah at the Kotel
Ike ,   Chicago, USA   (08.10.15)
Thank the almighty for Shlomo Goren, if it had been up to Moshe Dyan and Golda Meir we stiil wouldn't have the old city!
2. And if not for Bibi
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (08.10.15)
obama would give all of Israel to the pals..... G--d chose Israel obama chose Iran. KEEP BUILDING !!!
3. Who's "we"? Chicago doesn't have the Kotel.
Miki ,   Tel Aviv   (08.11.15)
Ike - you live in Chicago - your choice. WE people living in Israel have to contend with wars, rockets, knife attacks, molotov cocktails, insane politicians who steal our taxes and live in luxury in the shtachim and in villas in Caesarea while people who live in Israel proper get no services, no living wage and no education. Who are you to say "we"?
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