Israel only stands to lose from 'defeating' Obama
Israel Ziv
Published: 13.08.15, 00:22
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1. Major-Gen Ziv is wrong: This is a GLOBAL issue
Scott ,   Australia   (08.13.15)
People, including Americans are starting to realise just what this 'deal' is all about - it is a capitulation to a terrorist, rogue nation. Iran WILL develop nukes with or without a "deal" - only that Obama has made it so much easier for Iran in ALL respects. He will undoubtedly go down in history as the worst President ever, and we wont have to wait long to see this situation explode in his face. Israel will be soon lauded as the ONLY country that displayed C O M M O N S E N S E.
2. opinion
mali waan ,   los Angeles USA   (08.13.15)
Israel stands to lose nothing from the Iran - USA defeat. it is the US that stands to lose, as US bases are all around Iran, and Iran is currently, and dedicated to killing as Americans as they can, that will never stop until Iran is erased
3. 75 Percent
Abu Zibby ,   Afula   (08.13.15)
And the M16A1 is still good enough, because it used to work about 75% of the time.
4. Israel Only Stands to lose from defeating Obama
Antony Levy ,   Talme Elazar, Israel   (08.13.15)
The writers of this article seem to have completely ignored the fact that "The Agreement" is a very bad one! I'm sure they would be the first to shout from the roof tops, "WHY DIDN"T ISRAEL DO SOMETHING?" when the so-called Agreement goes bad (in a very short space of time).
5. ziv- the inspection regime is garbage
meyer   (08.13.15)
what kind of a general are you. Iran has 24 days and even then putin will find a way to extend the date. Iran says any US threats are laughable so what the hell are you talking about.
6. Any Israeli government has to oppose the Vienna agreement
Alan ,   Canada   (08.13.15)
If an Israeli government of any stripe were not to strongly oppose the agreement it would mean to any future US & European administrations that it accept the fundamentally wrong concept of a sure fire nuclear Iran under the reign of fanatic ayatollahs within 8 to 10 years (in less time if Iran takes advantage of the so called "surprise inspections" to cheat more easily). So, although the efforts of Netanyahu to derail the agreement in Congress may well be in vain, and although one may object to the manner he does it, that line of action could not be avoided by Jerusalem even if it upsets Washington. The agreement leaves the West with no real lever to apply renewed pressure for stopping the progress of Iran toward nuclear bombs & missiles to deliver them, even if it cheats. And the military option is out of the question under the current US administration & made less certain in the future as Iran's power to strongly retaliate will be enhanced. Hasty decisions to wind up the Vienna negotiations by making very bad concessions were driven by short term politics. Washington is banking on Iran to provide the foot soldiers to fight ISIS on the ground. And it gave Turkey a green light to bomb the Kurds & occupy a piece of Syria in exchange for more soldiers. It is strange that the US is choosing such less than democratic partners as Iran & Turkey, while at the same time weakening the position of Israel & Arab states of the Middle-East. No political party in Israel is in favour of the agreement. All of them made it clear. No significant Arab government has come out applauding the agreement & most are vehemently against it in private.
Israel can only gain by defeating Obama ,who is an unmitigated disaster since his first day in office.
8. Obama, Israel, Iran
Moshe ,   New York, USA   (08.13.15)
I completely agree with Gen. Ziv. The Iran deal is far from perfect, but the alternatives are far worse. The most extreme elements in Iran win if the deal is rejected; they want Iran to be isolated from the West and their aim is to gain control over the MidEast. The bomb is only a means towards that end and is useful only as a threat. Even the extremists understand it cannot actually be used. The only chance for regime change is if the Iranian people have hope for a better future.
9. Netanyahu angering Right and Left in America
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ USA   (08.13.15)
Netanyahu has made a tremendous mistake in going to war with the President of the United States over the agreement with Iran. Americans on both the Right and the Left as well as most moderates do not like to see their President (even those who dislike him) publicly attacked by a leader of another country. When any leader from another country does that Americans of all political stripes circle the wagons and back the President. I have many friends on the Right who think the Agreement with Iran is weak but who are horrified, and some who are quite angry, at the way the Israeli Prime Minister is going after our President. When Bill Clinton was President Netanyahu went behind his back and Clinton, despite being quite popular in Israel, is said to despise Netanyahu. His wife is said to privately agree and she may well be the next President and what Netanyahu has done to Obama is ten times worse than anything he did to Clinton. There is a false belief in Israel that once Obama leaves office if a Republican wins the White House all will be well and the US and Israel will have a warm and friendly relationship. The Republicans running for President are well aware of how the Prime Minister of Israel has treated two American Presidents and despite what they say publicly to get funding from AIPAC many of them not only think what Netanyahu has done is very wrong, they too do not care for him one iota. Too many Israelis think they don't need America or America's Jews, whom they accuse of being left wing self hating Jews. Hate Obama all you want and root for the Republican in 2016. However, be careful what you wish for. Israelis wrongly dismiss and lambast Obama as being anti Israel and anti semitic. It was Obama who got the strong sanctions that brought Iran to the negotiating table, and it is Obama that has increased aid to Israel every year he has been President, and it is Obama who has protected Israel at the United Nations, and it is Obama that has made cooperation between the American and Israeli military and American and Israeli intelligence agencies at their highest and best level in history. Be careful what you wish for. The President you get in 2016 may not be anything like you expect and hope him/her to be.
10. Israel's purpose is not to defeat Obama
C   (08.13.15)
israel's purpose is to stop the deal. the deal is horrific for the united states and certainly for israel. therefore israel must do all in her power to stop the deal. this deal with the totalitarian genocidal shia terror regime ensures that the regime will have nuclear weapons in at most ten years, provided they do not cheat. this vile terror regime which has open hegemonic ambitions and which engages in proxy wars in several foreign state, will receive an infusion of at least a hundred billion dollars with which to finance its nefarious acts. the sia terror regime will have all sanctions lifted, and it will be allowed to purchase a brand new conventional military from its patron russia and others. this terrible deal was pushed by obama and several us allies would have opposed it but followed the lead of obama. a new president will not be bound by the deal which is not a treaty ratified by congress. i
11. This deal is bad no matter how you spin it
Benji ,   US   (08.13.15)
China, Russia and Europe are committed to it for greedy oil deals. This deal must be defeated. Obama's goal is to weaken the US and this deal fits his agenda. He can't even say Islamic terror which is precisely what Iran will fund with our money if Obama has his way.
12. Obama holding onto a BAD deal WH weakness revealed Embarasd
Martin SA   (08.13.15)
If they knew how to spell the word they would have walked away for the sake world peace. Now they are desperate and exposed, so they now retaliate from their Glass (WH) House and threaten anyone in their way. Yes now we don’t want to embarrass or harm. We want to SCRAP or fix this deal and all those side deals. In the end, I suspect the negotiators smoking some strange weed; they weakened so badly as we look on in disbelief Iran are a terrorist hegemony and need strict sanctions to limit their power and purpose. They disregard the normal peace loving world and need to be crushed with extreme sanctions and not let loose. Bibi: Schummer and Republicans thanks for speaking up. We need more serious responsible voices out there to fix this inappropriate concoction of a mess. Am Yisroel Chai
13. The Author Fails to accept that:
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (08.13.15)
a. The ME is already up in flames b. Current US policy is so weak that: 1. Anything the WH says is a joke or a lie - there are no red-lines 2. The hands-off at all costs policy at the WH is leaving vacuums being filled by instability and misery. 3. Undying support of the WH for the Muslim Brotherhood (Turkey, Qatar and ex-Egypt) is leaving responsible minorities out to dry (Kurds, Druze, Armenians, Yazidis, Christians and Jews). My view of the WH reached its turning point at the time of Mt Sinjaar and the ethnic cleansing of the Yazidis - when the WH chose to make speeches, do nothing and pass the buck - instead of giving it all we have got.
What's the difference between The almighty G-d Hashem , and Obama?G-d does not think he is Obama......
15. #11 et al - teh deal can NOT be "defeated"
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (08.13.15)
The "deal" so signed, sealed and final and most of the world is already implementing the "deal." Regardless what the USA congress does, there will be no more sanctions, and no "better deal." Why is it so hard for Israelis to understand that they have LOST and that by bribing the USA congress Israel is just making its future very much worse. Exactly WHAT do Israelis think will happen if the USA congress rejects the deal? All that will happen is the USA will be ignored by Iran and most of the rest of the world. China, Russia and much of Europe have no problem with telling the USA to shut up and go sit in the corner and then forming long term relationships with Iran. Israel is wasting its energy and political capitol.
16. From military expert to American domestic politics expert?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.13.15)
17. As usual another worthless "Opinion"
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.13.15)
18. do we gotta kiss his butt too?
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (08.13.15)
come now, we were tortured, massacred and cremated since no one opposed Chamberlain and Hitler. We know that Iran is hell bent on killing us and taking our land and possessions. Do we have to permit it in order to humor Obama's big ego?
19. Sir - You err !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.13.15)
You has to ask yourself - " Will there be a War or not " ? As according to the Word of HASHEM there will. So deal or no deal will not prevent the War. Next Question is - Would you prefer a Nuclear War or a Conventional One ?. So the answers is wery simple and says - "Strike Iran" !. Even if it prevents a nucklear Iran for a few Years, Iran could then be striked again. Arn.Sweden.
Shulamith Goodman ,   Israel   (08.13.15)
The article makes a lot of sense on the surface. However, the present USA administration will be so weak and ineffectual that any "finger waving" by the USA will be just that - finger waving. They will not really be able to do anything if the Iranians do not comply - sanctions cannot be "snapped back". European countries as well as China and Russia and others will be trading with them and will not just back out of deals already made. Intelligence is probably not good enough to discover hidden activities in Iran. For all we know - they may already have a nuclear bomb or two somewhere in their big country. Reason number two the deal is bad is the arms race that is going to ensue in this region. It will be like a powder keg - a small spark could cause a major nuclear disaster. The Arab countries opposed to Iran will easily get nuclear weapons from North Korea or Pakistan and all hell could break loose. The USA has no answer whatsoever to non-compliance. In Syria Obama did nothing but wave a finger when the Syrians crossed Obama's own declared "Red Line" by using chemical weapons. The Iranians are laughing at what they see as the world's capitulation to all their demands. In some cases they get 24 days to prepare for inspections. This is beyond ridiculous. It is madness. If they are complying why do they need 24 days to prepare for inspection? If sanctions had been tightened - then the Iranians would have been the ones who had to capitulate. Instead we are helping them to become a nuclear power. There us no good answer to the problem - but this deal is not even close to stopping Iran's nuclear ambitions. They need nuclear power ONLY for war - they do NOT need it for energy. ONLY for WAR.
21. People who know not whereof they speak
Rodolfo ,   Athens, Greece   (08.13.15)
Always get to spout at Yediot. Alte kakkers get first dibs.
22. Obama is no good for Israel.
lucifer69   (08.13.15)
23. Funny how the right wing is so anti-IDF, Mossad, Shabaq
Shachar ,   Eilat   (08.13.15)
All the heads of the Mossad, IDF generals and top intelligence experts are all leftists, stupid and anti-semitic according to the right-wing talkbackers. Nobody said the deal was good and it could have been better if Bibi hadn't spent the last 3 years fighting America instead of trying to improve the deal. What everyone with half a brain cell is saying is this is the deal, learn to live with it. Defeating the American section of the deal in Congress will be fantastic for Iran and worst possible situation for Israel.
24. Humiliating Obama
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (08.13.15)
Netanyahu really wanted the US to take out Iran, take it over and run it his way. Now the idea is to humiliate Obama and stain his Presidency and brand all support of Obama as antisemitic. Hence Netanyahu's references to Churchill and Chamberlain, and Netanyahu's ally references to Hitler and Himmler and oven doors.
25. Humiliating Obama
Ted ,   Tel Aviv   (08.13.15)
We are not Humiliating Obama, he is the one making a stupid deal and humiliating himself. We are not trying to embarrass Obama, he is the one making a stupid fool of himself.
27. Good people are obliged to defeat the monstrous deal
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.13.15)
The author, of this utter trash, writes as if he'd been paid off by the White House or JStreet. Good people, Jews and Gentiles alike, are obliged to defeat this monstrous deal, which enables Iran's genocidal Mullahs to quickly build nukes. There is no rational argument here. This is a clearly existential issue for many millions of people.
28. #23. Evil deal a deliberate attack on Israel & U.S.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.13.15)
#23. It is ludicrous to blame Bibi for the evil Iran deal. Obama was determined to sign a deal which would empower Iran. It wouldn't matter who was P.M. of Israel. Author, Screenwriter and businessman Ben Stein accurately summed up the deal as, "Too bad to be a mistake. It is a deliberate attack on Israel and the U.S." Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
29. Another one by Shoula ,...
split   (08.13.15)
"Iranian leaders have repeatedly promised to destroy the Jewish state" Who, when and where? Confirm it with transcript of speech or unedited video if you can. "President Barack Obama was not looking out for Israel’s interests" Last time I checked he was US President who took an oath to defend US interest not Israeli and that's what he's doing. It was P5 +1 not P5 + Israel if you happen to miss it.
30. #1 ,...
split   (08.13.15)
This what you call 'terrorist, rogue nation' have a over 200 years of peaceful co-existence record with their neighbors, that's all you have it's your chutzpah. Nuke free M. East !!! ,...
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