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Noa shines under Jerusalem's full moon
Buzzy Gordon
Published: 14.08.15, 14:16
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1. Dear "Buzzy" I & many want to vomit !
UGH !!!!! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.14.15)
What a blatant piece of BS this story is how much were you paid to print this garbage ?????
2.  &What reception outside the Museum ?
DoUthinkWerestupid? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.14.15)
I would love to see what wonderous reception she would get in the streets outside the rarefied air of the left wing Israel Museum in the streets of Jerusalem no doubt a riot would ensue !! Did she write this stupid article herself ?really embarrassing YNET but of course you are totally cut off with most of the nation that has to be taken into consideration when reading most of your website
3. Now we know how far left the politics of this editorial are
Daniel   (08.14.15)
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